Tottenham 0-2 Liverpool: 2019 Champions League Final Recap with Highlights, Goals, and Best Moments

Tottenham 0-2 Liverpool: 2019 Champions League Final Recap with Highlights, Goals, and Best Moments

Liverpool won the Champions League with a 2-0 victory over Tottenham in an all-British final in Madrid.

Mohamed Salah scored the opener in the second minute from the penalty spot after a controversial handball was awarded.

Spurs pushed for an equalizer in the second half but could not find one, forcing some big saves from Alisson.

And substitute Divock Origi struck late to settle the contest and ensure Liverpool won the competition for the sixth time.

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110 Responses

  1. GOAL says:

    2018: Lose to Real Madrid

    2019: Win the Trophy in Madrid

    • MattyMatt says:

      Well well well, how the turntables

    • Plain Vids says:

      +User198381 User1093821 it’s all good lol

    • Angelo Pal says:

      2018 lose to Real Madrid
      2019: win in Madrid
      Meaning what ? What is that tell you ? Idiots, people are stupid maaaaaan. WORST U.N. teams and WORST game ever

    • Hector Fraire-Martinez says:

      Fort linz same story.

    • Hector Fraire-Martinez says:

      EPL Best league in the world Dude, you’re talking mad smack after you won a finals match. By saying that Spanish players are washed, means that they dominated your team countless times. Now since they’re “washed” , your Premier League will make it further in the champions. If you want to make a statement. Make. It. Even. Prime LM10 and CR7 vs Prime Salah or whatever player that plays in your glorified star premier league team.

  2. Cyrus the predator says:

    If you were a neutral this game wasn’t really exciting for you.(imo)

  3. FoshoTheOne says:

    Divock Origi just might be the most clutch Liverpool player of all time…

  4. Kaitane says:

    Congratulations to Liverpool for winning the champions league ?. Great day for Salah as well after last year’s injury. Best of luck to both clubs next season.

  5. prodescobar says:

    I almost forgot Harry Kane played for Tottenham, I didn’t see him this whole game…..

  6. Dan Wilson says:

    Problems for Spurs started when Lucas Moura was benched, not the penalty

    • Jose Plascencia says:

      Lucas mouras last hattrick vs ajax was luck. stfu , newbie

    • Ray Murphy says:

      Ajax and Barca would be a better final then his Imo.

    • drsnowmon says:

      +Gary Harold

      “constantly long balling it to Kane even though they already tried it 10 times and 10 times van dijk won the header’
      Did you not expect this when unfit Harry Kane started the match? *sigh* Everyone hoped that it would be Lucas Moura and Son up top but Tottenham is a one man team…. Harry Kane is literally a shackle to all the strikers in Tottenham

    • Angry Putin says:

      They did not bottle. They were under intense pressure considering we all knew they would lose. I mean , Liverpool , the team with 5 wins , salah , firmino, and mane vs the “Harry Kane team”

  7. bolt says:

    Imagine how coutinho feels right now…. damn

  8. Hala Madrid says:

    Give props to the Liverpool goalkeeper he was on fire ?

  9. kd lee says:

    i just feel bad for moura. he literally carried spurs up to the finals and gets benched cuz of Kane

    • Serie A Best league in the world says:

      He’s overrated. He scored against Ajax, lmao what makes him so good?

    • Private_dos_625 Code 0 says:

      its’ sad thats’ why there were more tears for him

    • Tao 타키오 says:

      +Messia-Heist just imagine how many more chances he could have created.

    • John Orukpe says:

      It’s krazy how everyone forgets how incredible Kane is because he hasn’t been at 100% lately…y’all fake fans are so quick. To forget

    • Smn Han says:

      +John Orukpe he has been injured for a while so no matter how good he is he wasn’t going to be 100% so he had no right to start, pochettino let his heart get in the way of making the right decision

  10. GOAL says:

    Spurs: We can finally go un-trophyless this season

    Salah: Hold my water
    Origi: Hold my beer

  11. lamster70 says:

    Origi is a Liverpool CL legend.

    • Nameless Spiral says:

      Look At This Stat

      Year 2018-2019 8 Matches 3 Goals 0 Cards Ballandor Worthy Legend Worthy Look At The Past Season Stats M8

    • Ben Toomet says:

      danny otero Maybe not a legend, but certainly a cult hero. I’ll be singing Origi’s name tonight at the pub, to have struggled to find a place in our team in past years, then to have the impact he had in the CL just shows his grit.

    • Serie A Best league in the world says:

      Too bad the CL is all he’s gonna win.

    • George Mora says:

      +TheSpecialOnes – Comedy and more nope

    • Alejandro Alba says:

      why the game was won already? not sure why?

  12. Lexicon Lex says:

    Lucas should’ve started instead of Kane… hate to admit it but he was garbage today…

  13. Roshawn Grimes says:

    smh Moura benched for Kane. idkw this pisses me off.

  14. GT Master says:

    Everything about this season was good beside the final

    • GT Master says:

      Francisco Odinaka stfu I was happy with the 2 teams in the final I hate la Liga so what your saying is bullshit and the match wasn’t that good

    • DavidLoZanO7 says:

      +Diego Gutierrez nobody is trying to hurt your team I have respect for the traditions that Klopp upholds. I’m glad that Van dike, sane, Alexander, origi And Sala will be able to touch the emblem at the tunnel because they played good the whole season. What I didn’t like is that the team isn’t coordinating well with mane who at the moment and in this match was the player with the bast attacking mentality and they were just not able to link up with him well enough. If it wasn’t for Origis lethal instincts it would have been even a shittier game, and that keeper thou, crazy.

    • Serie A Best league in the world says:

      Sage Nunn That final was fucking horrible. 90 minutes of ball possession being lost by Tottenham lmao.

    • bjehulk says:

      And Barcelona getting eliminated

    • hhumca says:

      What about last year

  15. Adam Wickert says:

    Last season Liverpool LOST the Champions League final because of the Goalkeeper.

    This season Liverpool WON the Champions League final because of the Goalkeeper.

  16. Mitchell Kim says:

    This was the first Champions League final that I was happy for either of the teams to win it. I’m just so happy for Jürgen Klopp. He deserves this.

    • ComradeOgilvy1984 says:

      Liverpool fan, but I love this Spurs team. Would have been very happy for them.

    • WildwoodClaire1 says:

      too bad his team sucked royal dicks throughout.

    • needlenosened flanders says:

      Agree. Both are likeable clubs w interesting players. Thought the PK was harsh, as Sissoko was pointing and given direction but… Liverpool was the most entertaining club in Europe all yr so congrats to them. Well deserved.

    • Kndorule says:

      PYT Liverpool dynasty > Mancity dynasty

    • Hagar Patel says:

      Agree …it was kinda got boring with Real Madrid winning all 3 … Probably this was the extra spice… The champions league needed

  17. GOAL says:

    Just a reminder: Coutinho left Liverpool to *”win the Champions League”* ??????

  18. Angel George says:

    Terrible final to what has been a Phenomenal UCL season. Congrats to Liverpool

    • Gregorio says:

      +Frank Bigschlong Wow, you are a fucking snowflake. As men, we’re supposed to be strong and here you are bitching and whining. “They attack my president” haha. Grab your balls and be a man and stop whining. Don’t be a snowflake

    • Brian Pavon says:

      +Frank Bigschlong lmao you pathetic

    • Rebeca Pinto says:

      Frank Bigschlong i definitely understand futebol way more than you so stfu with your dumbass insults. y’all want wife’s, girlfriends and shit and don’t even know how to treat one right.

    • Rebeca Pinto says:

      Serie A Best league in the world HAHA nah his comment was just stupid af

    • Rebeca Pinto says:

      Chief10 Beers LMAOOOO when you have no good arguments that you have to comment some dumb shit insulting others. you’re a sad person, i’m sorry your life is that boring!

  19. Suh Dude says:

    Wow, thank you Coutinho, for funding this Liverpool team.

    • WildwoodClaire1 says:

      I really don’t understand HOW Liverpool fans can take ANY pride in the absolute rubbish performance we all witnessed today. Liverpool does not deserve a trophy for that. At best, they deserve a commemorative chamber pot.

    • Suh Dude says:

      I didn’t see Tottenham do much, Liverpool deserved to win. The only reason Liverpool didn’t play like they usually play was because they didn’t need to, they where up 1-0 early into the game. Liverpool simply took their time and played it safe. 6 UCL titles, bruhh. Maybe next time Barça won’t choke.

    • Skilluminati says:

      WildwoodClaire1 They didn’t have to play beautiful to win. Tottenham was not a threat on the night. They shot themselves in the foot by benching Lucas

    • Leo R. says:

      Thank Southampton.

    • Uther Pendragon says:

      +WildwoodClaire1 It’s the entire tournament in totality that wins, not 1 game, sorry you missed it

  20. Aros San says:

    Poch and his team’s inexperience cost them the final

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