Tottenham v. Manchester United | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 6/19/2020 | NBC Sports

Tottenham v. Manchester United | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 6/19/2020 | NBC Sports

Spurs and Man United settled for a hard-earned point apiece in London as Bruno Fernandes’ late penalty canceled out Steven Bergwijn’s opener. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Tottenham #ManchesterUnited
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Tottenham v. Manchester United | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 6/19/2020 | NBC Sports

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100 Responses

  1. juju kido says:

    First time have seen man utd have a lot of possession against a big team. Pogba changed the game should have started .

  2. Mango Girl says:

    As a chelsea fan, nothing scares me more than a fit Pogba, Martial, Rashford, and Bruno. I hope we keep top 4

  3. Justin McCabe says:

    80m Maguire got toasted lmao

  4. Daniel Lara says:

    really good game, pogba did well

  5. skmanunited says:

    Pogba still our best player certainly the most talented no questions

    • Fakolejo Solanke says:

      Trey Enriquez what attitude you all are just racist

    • Fakolejo Solanke says:

      Aka Frosty you are seriously dumb

    • Go D. Usopp says:

      @Aka Frosty true De Gea is still class but he shouldn’t be making mistakes like that… but Pogba is definitely the most talented player on United’s team on his day and he showed it yesterday

    • Aka Frosty says:

      Go D. Usopp de gea shouldn’t be making those mistakes but it’s partly the defenses fault for letting him through and and I think pogba was motivated to show ole why he shouldn’t be on the bench

    • DamaniDanDadar says:

      Fake penalty!! Watch the replay and focus only on Pogba’s LEFT FOOT. He runs normally at first then suddenly and awkwardly kicks Dier with his left foot and falls. Most people only see their upper bodies and miss this part.


    Look how pissed Jose was

  7. Christian Adjevi says:

    Pogba and Bruno saved United today if Pogba didn’t came on they would’ve lost this game

    • Becks Dennis says:

      Zion An lmao u just extend your arms and it doesn’t go in the goal

    • Becks Dennis says:

      Zion An not even a rocket shot either

    • DamaniDanDadar says:

      Fake penalty!! Watch the replay and focus only on Pogba’s LEFT FOOT. He runs normally at first then suddenly and awkwardly kicks Dier with his left foot and falls. Most people only noticed the tussle between the players’ upper bodies and miss this part.

    • Becks Dennis says:

      DamaniDanDadar It was weak but it was a pen, Dier pushed him. I’m a referee and there’s a code, if you don’t play the ball in the box it’s an automatic penalty regardless of how harsh the foul is. Look at Riyad Mahrez vs David Luiz 3 days ago.

    • CurledSeeker61 says:

      DamaniDanDadar ok Julien Laurens 😂

  8. Clark ias says:

    Can we talk about how big sissoko and Shaw were today? I’m a United fan, and everyone is talking about Pogba and Greenwood, but Shaw was a clamp on defense and a threat going forward. Sissoko was a rock in defense, no one got past him

  9. Hyoshin Kim says:

    Moms of tottenham
    1. Loris
    2. Bergwijn
    3. Son/Sissoko/Winks/Davies
    My opinion

  10. Dribbling Hazard says:

    Son playing wingback hurts me..

    • Alex says:

      @M M He has more goals in North London derbies than Theirry Henry but you won’t say he was bad will you?

    • M M says:

      @Alex Who cares about Thierry Henry! He has absolutely nothing to do with this season. I was very happy when Kane won the golden boot in 16-17, but it’s 2020. Goodness me you guys love living in the past.

    • Alex says:

      @M M Declining yet he has a dead even ratio of goals to games this season for club and country

    • M M says:

      @Alex Yeah those 2 goals were vital against Aston Villa that helped his ratio 🙄 No goals against Man City, Man U or Chelsea when we actually needed them.

    • Alex says:

      @M M When we lose to Villa though you cry about him not scoring against small teams.

  11. Alex Meredith says:

    Would be a completely different game if Ndombele, lo celso, or pogba started.

  12. Jerry Neutron says:

    Maguire living up to his pace rating in FIFA

    • XOD MRFRANSON says:

      How is he overated he has a lower rating than Gomez and Matip that’s pretty dumb, u guys are also dumbfounded I’m not even a united fan lol

    • Ed McGuigan says:

      If you have a pace problem then you need answers. It’s one thing if you get caught in a foot race when you didn’t make a mistake that created the situation but the Bergwijn goal was him showing right to Bergwijn but not properly blocking left so Bergwijn just went left and Maguire had his back to him. If you are slow you have to have pinpoint positioning. I have played against 60 year old geezers who know where to stand so your pace advantage is nullified.

    • XOD MRFRANSON says:

      Ed McGuigan spot on. Maguire was not prepared but it was Shaw’s fault for heading the ball to the other team and lindelofs fault for not covering up Maguires mistake. Let me tell u something if Bailey was on the field it would have been a while different story. But I like your reasoning

    • Yeet McSkeet says:

      XOD MRFRANSON LMAO man said ‘dumbfounded’

    • XOD MRFRANSON says:

      Yeet McSkeet It was

  13. let's talk about it says:

    Maguire 80Mil can’t even see a counterattack coming what a waste.

  14. MonTemeruS says:

    and nobody talks about how good those two saves by de gea and lloris are?

    • Skylar Young says:

      Goated Comments It’s all they’ve got😂

    • 85Georgiy Sa says:

      eirini ッ who said we comparing them to thier prime, rn Leno is the better keeper compared to de gea and lloris, who are both declining. Leno just has a team and defense that forces him to save, or attempt to save games for Arsenal.

    • Becks Dennis says:

      Froslyte have fun on the treatment bench my guy

    • Ayo A says:

      @Froslyte but Leno plays for Arsenal lmao

    • Still in Progress says:

      It’s a keeper’s job to keep the ball out of the net. Saves like that are heavily obscured by abbhorent goals like the one United conceded

  15. Gregg Zuman says:

    Pogba won a point for Man U. Imagine if he played the whole game… can he even do that anymore?

    • Erick Zamora says:

      it’s his first game back since boxing day and you expected him to play a full 90? in addition to hectic schedule lol? he’ll play more on wednesday

    • XMW says:

      Erick Zamora He was quality out there the whole time he played tbf

    • Shashank Jayaram says:

      he hasn’t played in 6 months lol he should be starting next game thou

    • Erick Zamora says:

      XMW he was man. i hope ole knows that the mid is matic, bruno and pogba. i expect to see them starting on wednesday

  16. Alpha Jalloh says:

    Now all Man U fans love Pogba again lol 😂. I thought they wanted him sold cos he don’t “love” the team

  17. Matthew Slates says:

    VAR did something right today

    Congratulations to all referees involved for doing your jobs correctly for once.

  18. chuckz says:

    3:53 this is an 80mil centre back

  19. izzojunior says:

    The spuds actually did ok with the audience noise, the ones at Norwich were pitiful almost a full 5 seconds behind play

  20. Daniel Lau says:

    Commentary: “The main man Harry Kane, he’s back, he’s fit” lol what a fat liar. 🤣🤣

    • Becks Dennis says:

      probably the worst spurs player on the pitch. eric dier at least played well up until he gave away the PK

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