Tottenham v. Wolves | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 3/1/2020 | NBC Sports

Tottenham v. Wolves | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 3/1/2020 | NBC Sports

Wolves snatched a crucial victory in London, fighting back from two deficits to beat Spurs 3-2. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Tottenham #Wolves
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Tottenham v. Wolves | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 3/1/2020 | NBC Sports

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101 Responses

  1. Brandon Saldana says:

    Wolves should be 5 stars on fifa dang I never expected this much likes thank everyone who like

  2. Jesse Paiz says:

    Traore is a MONSTER!

  3. theflyingporpoise321 says:

    Traore is an absolute tank

  4. narpan123 says:

    5 portugese in starting 11 they might have good euro cup

  5. hworkdedication says:

    That build up play and finish by Jimenez absolutely brilliant

    • Dan Dan says:

      mark ya keep seeing he’s underrrated but there’s bunch of underrated players out there, not just Jimenez. He’s actually not that underrated considering how many Mexicans go crazy for their players

    • Will M says:

      That was a lucky shot that im sure he practiced. Hit it with his weaker foot. I dont rate Jimenez but i am glad when he is lethal, Wolves deserve Jimenez finishing his chances.

    • boiled milksteak to go says:

      @Will M How is it lucky if he practiced it lol I don’t understand that logic also Jimenez is Mexico’s best player atm dude is in the best form of his life

    • Gabriel Morelos says:

      @boiled milksteak to go right? lol

    • Robert McGovern says:

      Note at least two Spurs players beaten during that move who simply … stop. They don’t tackle back, they don’t sprint into space so their teammates can close runners down. They just … stop.

      T’ham need to fire their conditioning coaches: their traditional end-of-season bottling has much to do with lack of running and effort late in games. Yes, their bench is shorter than City’s or Liverpool’s. But Wolves players were still running full pelt with heads up at 90 minutes, while half the Spurs had hands on knees and were sucking air.

  6. Sean says:

    Dele had some few good chances, but at the end, he misses!!!

  7. Aged P says:

    7:01 “so much composure” – as he falls over on the celebration slide 😂

  8. &dee B says:

    Traore, Jimenez, Jota. Spain, Mexico, Portugal. They can communicate.

  9. piso mojado says:

    “You miss every shot you don’t take.”
    – Dele Alli

    • ManUnited6380 says:

      @Bryan Escalante They do… Mourinho just ain’t playing him.

    • Pothead Esens says:

      @ManUnited6380 It’s not that he is not playing him. Troy Parott is 18 and not ready.

    • Black Cat Moto says:

      Dele needs to be sold

    • Daniel Um says:

      I always wonder why he is so angry whenever he is substituted.

    • ManUnited6380 says:

      Pothead Esens how do you even know if he’s not ready when hasn’t even gotten more than 7 minutes?? 😂 Just Bc he’s 18 doesn’t mean he’s not ready – Messi scored hat tricks at 18, Rooney also scored hat trick at 18, Ronaldo was breaking ankles at 18, Son scored goals against Chelsea and Bayern Munich at 18.. every star football player came out and made a mark at 18 years of age. You never know until you give them chances.

  10. Jose Cabrera says:

    where all my mexican wolves at! 🐺🇲🇽 we deserve a top 4 spot. Viva Wolves.

  11. Anil Punj says:

    Remember Adama Traore only has 75 physicality. Well who looks silly now huh fifa?

  12. Qishi Li says:

    8:12 typical Traore. NFL running back.

  13. Tamerat Broglio says:

    No one can knee slide in this game😂

  14. Ice Tres Cubitos De Hielo ice says:

    Raúl Jiminez FIFA rating should at least be 84-86 🇲🇽✅ and the whole wolves team should be upgraded as well

  15. zwebackshyper says:

    jimenez is so underrated he never gets the credit he deserves

    • Eddie Solis says:

      Will M have you seen the assist Jimenez has given his team mates? No? I assure you he’s a complete stricker

    • Ui Mi says:

      Will M that’s because you’re an idiot…show me a striker with 100 percent strike record

    • Adverse says:

      Will M wtf are you on about? He’s literally on par with aguero and mane when it comes down to goals created, how is he not good? Lmao

    • Tk421 Al says:

      Will M wow well if it isnt a salty central american.
      Raul has 23 overall goals with wolves this season in all competitions.

    • semperfratdelis says:

      Jimenez stepped his game up. I remember with America, I saw him more as a cherry picker; since he’s gotten to Wolves, he’s become a more well rounded player scoring goals and adding assists to his name.

  16. Bootes Void says:

    Even the referee was running to celebrate with Raul Jimenez! 😂

  17. Kelly Oubre’s Son says:

    8:12 this is why people should stop diving and just play on. creating chances are way more important than getting random set pieces out of scoring position

  18. Rage _The Land says:

    2:01 A lot of other players would be upset because it was a poor shot, but it was a good attempt and Jimenez acknowledges the shot. Class player.

    • grilledchzsammy says:

      always stand with your teammates when they make mistakes, griping just creates animosity and bad chemistry.

  19. Ivan Diaz says:

    I really hope Jimenez stays at wolves , it’s a project in the process they can win PL in few years or at least be top 4. Jimenez can become a legend

    • Cesar Ramirez says:

      Ivan Diaz honestly he’ll go to waste on a team like Man U spending millions on him desperately

    • therider619 says:

      I believe in wolves project, but I believe they’re losing jota and moutinho? Which is tragic but i hope they can get the transfers to replace them.

    • Benji says:

      therider619 Losing Jota and Moutinho? both are starting players on a great Wolves side and still have years on their contracts I believe. I don’t see either of them leaving this summer.

    • longchi23 says:

      If they have the money to pay him

  20. Jesus Gaona says:

    The hug the dad gave his son at 10:00 🥺

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