Touch! Generations for Nintendo DS and Wii – Scott The Woz

Touch! Generations for Nintendo DS and Wii – Scott The Woz

Touch, Scott! Touch!
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25 Responses

  1. scootinand says:

    I’d love to see Scott do a video about games on things that aren’t consoles; games on devices just as “extra” features. iPods, old cell phones, watches, the little Chrome T-Rex game, etc.

  2. nathan cadorette says:

    From talking about touch generations to showing panty party….. great stuff!

    • ATOM says:

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  3. Toonfield Animations says:

    Even Scott can’t resist saving up those videos to release in December! His uploads have been prolific.

  4. exzisd says:

    Thanks for all the great years and consistently great videos Scott. I really watch these just to hear about the history of things I tend to already know but it’s like hearing it from a friend that keeps me interested. I like that your videos aren’t usually tied to whatever gaming news is out and popular with the search engines and how you focus on topics that interest you and share your personal experience and history with games. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and get to relax from the video grind for a while and recharge like Chibi Robo. In all sincerity thanks Scit.

    • The ender Kirby says:

      Relort the channel of @Don’t Read My Profile Photo

    • Austin Rollins says:

      @Don’t Read My Profile Photo it’s the insane rickroll channel again

    • Don't Read My Profile Photo says:

      Don’t read my name…..!!!!!!!!

    • Austin Rollins says:

      @exzisd it’s kinda like a nickname, Steve Wozniak (business partner of Steve Jobs) also was called ‘the Woz.’ Steve and Scott aren’t closely related though.

    • exzisd says:

      @STICK O’ MEDIA Entertainment Yea I think someone else said something like that before (maybe scit himself) but the humor seems like his exaggerated thoughts. I often feel strange talking about a creator in the 3rd person while on their comment section so in case you see this Skat; thanks again!

  5. Dirk Hardpeck says:

    Will never get tired of Scott

  6. ScreamingAllTheTime says:

    God, the casual crowd for the DS was something else. CrossworDS literally made it so after I got a DSi my old DS was basically taken over by my father. And my father was in his fifties.

  7. Shawn Inverted says:

    Can’t explain how much I appreciate your videos. When life gets stressful, you’re one of those Youtubers I always make time to sit back with some food & a drink and just watch and not think about things for a while. Your videos are always such a cozy vibe, Keep being awesome, Scott

  8. Timothy Y. says:

    I’ve had plenty of these games and paid very close attention to gaming news in the mid-2000s, and have literally never noticed the Touch Generations symbol or ever heard of it.

  9. Ricar2002 YT says:

    Oh my god Scott, I played true swing golf as a kid so much but I never knew the games name (maybe it’s different in Europe?) Either way thank you, can’t wait to try it out again after so many years.

  10. Normal Bricks says:

    another half an hour special by scott is just what i needed right now

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