Tour de France: Peter Sagan kicked out of race over Cavendish crash

Tour de France: Peter Sagan kicked out of race over Cavendish crash

World champion Peter Sagan has been disqualified from the Tour for causing the crash on stage four involving Mark Cavendish. At the end of a largely uneventful stage, Sagan cut across Cavendish’s racing line and nudged him with an elbow to cause the Manx sprinter to hit the side barriers hard. Sagan won stage three and came second here, but will play no further part in this year’s Tour
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19 Responses

  1. vydenis says:

    unnecessary elbow for sure, you dont defend by hitting other riders

  2. Randy Jones says:

    Give everyone a chain and let em race .( or a baseball bat or a lead pipe)

  3. Sir Heff says:

    Anyone notice Demare almost crashing Nacer Bouhanni?

  4. Road Bike Adventures says:

    What the F**k are you doing Peter ? You are my all time favourite rider, but this was not a cool move ! I´m dissapointed 🙁

  5. Bryan Willem says:

    cav sprinted into the back of sagan. there was no gap. look closely, the elbow never makes contact, it’s to stabilize himself after cav’s crashed into him from behind

  6. OllieTheGoallie says:

    Cav simply tastes his own medicine. And btw he wasn´t disqualified ever, so? He push himself where was no space. These things happens, unfortunately. It´s too harsh for Sagan. Cav is relatively ok, fortunately no broken bones. Shame full decision from jury.

  7. two2sided says:

    Check out this analysis

  8. Jones Stone says:

    Why did the disqualify Sagan for this? You’re telling me they had slow mo video of this, and came to the conclusion he elbowed Cavendish??? You can so clearly see no elbow contact, and the elbow then comes out (still not making contact with Cavendish) after

  9. Ja BAJKA says:

    Im not watching Tour De France anymore.. He didnt did it on purpose!

  10. Lou Alexander says:

    Sagan had plenty of room to his left…the comments about his right elbow flaring out to balance himself…are you kidding me??? is he a 5 year old first time on two wheels??? He knew exactly what he was doing…i’m glad he’s disqualified and he’s lucky Cav’s mates did not beat the crap out of him. Even with Sagan’s cheap shot, he lost…LOSER!!

  11. carbon4me says:

    There was insufficient room for Mark to attempt this pass. This move was not safe for him or Peter who was in front and the nearest rider to him.

    I feel bad for the injuries incurred to Mark but worse for Peter for being eliminated by the judges from the race.

    San Jose CA USA

  12. Jájájájenom Já!! says:

    Cavendish hit Sagan ass and back wheel.When he he was falling Sagan was just balancing with his right elbow.The Jury is either totaly dumb old fucks or totaly corrupt old fucks.Here is beter view :

  13. tyronebiggums3 says:

    It looked as though Sagan was not holding his line. He kept drifting over towards Cavendish, pinching him into the barrier. As Cav sees Sagan coming over, his mouth opens wide and he leans towards Sagan in an attempt to protect himself from the barrier. Sagan then serves the coups de grâce, raising his arm and elbow. Go to 1/4 speed and watch it even slower. Sagan had a clear line he could have followed. He chose not to. Good riddance, Sagan.

  14. bianchi1885 says:

    ASO are a bunch of pussies. Oh wait. They’re French.

  15. Tomáš Kosť says:

    #NoSaganNoTour !!! lets show them that they made a bad decision! 🙂

  16. . 눈발 says:

    I don’t think this is the fault of sagan.

  17. JV says:

    Never pass on the right, just pretend you are a car. Left lane is for passing.

  18. XUNIT says:

    I wouldve done the same thing.😈😂

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