Tourist terrified by new glass walkway that cracks under weight

Tourist terrified by new glass walkway that cracks under weight

A video of a tourist guide terrified by the sight of a bridge’s glass bottom cracking has gone viral recently in East Taihang Mountains, in Handan city, north China’s Hebei Province. The glass skywalk hangs 1,180 meters above a valley and stretches 266 meters in length. Just for fun, shattering glass is added as a special effect to give the already-terrifying experience extra zing. The management assured that workers check the glass panels daily to ensure the safety of visitors.

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20 Responses

  1. keroji s says:

    Some sensitive people may faint by this.

  2. runawayuniverse says:

    And when it does finally break, people will think it’s a joke just before they fall to their deaths. Jokes on them!

  3. Mammon says:

    “They swear they check it for safety every day”

    Good luck.

  4. Stephen Rupp says:

    How is this on trending? #selective

  5. Bruh says:

    Why tf is this trending it has less than 1000 views

  6. Moeen Khan says:

    658 views, number 3 on trending

  7. QKnightZ says:

    iDubbbz new content cop didn’t trend, but this is with less than 1,000 views

    Ooooookay YouTube

  8. ColeBrady12 says:

    I literally cannot stop beating my meat

  9. FactHub says:

    This video has been up for HOURS and has less than 1k views, yet it is #3 on trending. Seems legit…

  10. Kyle Jackson says:

    Better have some aspirin at the end of that bridge.

  11. Chris G says:

    This is a whole new level of trolling

  12. DRUNKARD says:

    How about trending the new Project Veritas video, Youtube? I bet you won’t do that!

  13. Notorious HZ says:

    I think YouTube has lost the meaning of trending through the past year

  14. Andres Lopez says:

    YouTube really doesn’t know how their algorithm works, do they?

  15. Michael Daley says:

    Its all fun, until it cracks for real.

  16. Neptune roaming says:

    I almost passed out watching this.

  17. Ian Larson-Shidler says:

    #3 on trending 2,538 views. idubbbz has more than 10 mil on 2 videos in under a day and wasnt on us trending. ok

  18. Mitchell Lampert says:

    Not a good idea. I know they check it daily for safety, but if a REAL crack were to form, people on it would not be properly alerted.

  19. TokyoCandleLight says:

    How about take that glass down and put some real walkways on it.

  20. William Henry Van Etta says:

    A light hearted joke on the many people have been killed from crapy Chinese infrastructure

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