Tow Truck ESCAPE River North Chicago

Tow Truck ESCAPE River North Chicago

We are used to seeing cars get towed out of the Walgreens lot next door with lightning speed (Clark & Ontario). Usually NOT WITH A PERSON IN THE CAR, though. And this guy definitely didn’t want to get towed…

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20 Responses

  1. luvmj32 says:

    Fuck those tow truck companies. They charge you a storage fee for your own
    stuff sitting in your car on their lot. Fucking scabs and leaches! 

  2. Ishmael Salazar says:

    Tow truck drivers are sharks. Happy to see this guy get away

  3. WonkaVator72 says:

    My brother once had his car towed in Chicago (just to move it, not to
    impound it) and they moved it into an illegal spot, for which he was
    ticketed. He did manage to beat the ticket as a result.

  4. ivelocityi says:

    Thug Life

  5. Josh Apple says:

    Like A Boss. 

  6. Kobe Wild says:

    works for me… let’s hear it for 4 wheel drive.
    fuck Tow Trucks.

  7. Timothy Doherty says:


  8. Spitfire7 says:

    Fuck the Towlice

  9. John Kugelfischer says:

    I lost a $5000 car once to the chitty of shitcago. I just bought it. Had
    the old owner’s plates on it, and my temp one in the rear window, like we
    used to do. They booted it for old owner’s parking tickets. Cause I
    didn’t yet have title, had just bought it, remember, they denied me a

    That’s the last 5000 you shitty of shitcago will ever see from me. I
    moved. I don’t pay taxes anymore, won’t buy property there, won’t run my
    business there, won’t employ anyone there, won’t pay any parking tickets
    myself there.

    I hope you’re happy. A city doesn’t have to be evil. Chitcago goes out of
    its way to BE evil to its denizens. 

  10. Michael MacKinney says:

    Anybody remember the song “The Lincoln Park Pirates”? 

  11. Sharon Mclaurin says:

    Fish off the hook, you won’t take me tonight

  12. Renato X says:

    oh my gad

  13. McDeth187 says:

    Ehh, that tow truck driver is getting a lot of shit and without seeing the
    beginning of the video theres no way to know if he towed the car with the
    dude in it or if the guy hopped into the car once he realized it was being
    towed (IMHO the more plausible of the two scenarios).

    That being said, once the tow truck driver realizes what the driver is
    about to do, you can see him start to lower the lift via the remote in his
    hand. Too late though, lol.

  14. Morris Fordjour says:

    Private tow truck drivers are vultures. 

  15. xjontronx says:

    Even the tow truck driver was like eh fuck it.

  16. MrBlaq says:


  17. Tom Shaughnessy says:

    It’s a JEEP thing!

  18. rapidotorpedo says:

    That video is so smooth and good, what device did you use to record it?

  19. NimbleBlood says:

    I thought a tow truck was going to escape a river, but nevermind I guess

  20. BHuang92 says:

    Note to Tow Truck Driver: Make sure towed vehicle is secure WITHOUT a