Toxic Newt!

Toxic Newt!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote and the Brave Wilderness crew explore the mountain lakes off the coast of Washington for Rough Skinned Newts!

Similar to the California Newts found in previous episodes these adorable little amphibians also happen to be EXTREMELY toxic. That’s right, the poison in the skin of the “Rough Skinned” Newt is potent enough to be fatal to humans. However no need to worry, the toxins must be ingested to take full effect, so as long as you’re not planning on eating one of these toxic creatures you’ll be just fine.

Get ready to see one super toxic Newt!

HUGE THANKS to Doe Bay Resort for housing the crew and making this video possible! Please visit their website for information on how to visit Orcas Island –

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  1. K. Valt says:

    Who was here b4 1000 views?? Don’t send newts plsss

  2. Armann Gill says:

    I’m early, time to make a joke.

    People liking their own comments.

  3. BelgianBeats says:

    Send Newts

  4. Rohit C says:

    Who else is here before this hits the trending page?

  5. 115N.W.A.4Life says:

    Coyote: Do I look hot?
    Girl: I don’t know…
    Coyote: Wanna go out?
    Girl: No Thanks, I just wanna be friends

    I’m Coyote Peterson, And I have just entered the friend zone

  6. Luis says:

    Sometimes when no one likes my comment i like it

  7. Gabriel Fenech Azzopardi says:

    *Is that a pokèmon?*

  8. Lopez Irvin says:

    Welcome look what I found some special on facebook! used mine on Netflix and its working! Im so excited now! Hurry and check it out

  9. jp bomer says:

    it was so cute when he did the backrole, you should do a video on the axolotl like if you agree…

  10. Laken Kalchik says:

    (Gets eaten by dinosaur)
    Mark: Did it get you?

  11. Nitin Pillai says:

    A friend of mine doesn’t like Brave Wilderness.

    She got hit by a bus.

    I lost my bus driving licence.

  12. Pineapple Brew says:

    I reported this for newtity

  13. Skillz 2nd channel says:

    Guys, DON’T click on ANY link in the comment section. It will hack you YT account and make YOU a spam bot. Any YouTuber won’t be using coment section as giveaway entries. If you find one of them, use 3 dot on the right of comment and click report then click option spam.

    like and reply to make this comment on the top for anyone to see.

  14. Comment Burns says:

    Jungle is my city

  15. Illuminati says:

    Coyote you better send me your Newts.

  16. TheBigChicken says:

    Just waiting for this vid to be on trending…

  17. Lewkey says:

    This Newt must have played a lot of Overwatch to be that Toxic

  18. Life's Wild Adventures says:

    Alright guys, you probably seen me comment this before, if so, sorry, but I’m very persistent….. Hey brave wilderness channel! I’d like you guys to come to Louisiana, we have lots of animals you haven’t done like the amphiuma, the timber rattlesnake, the green snake, (which I got proof on my channel we have these) and lots more! I’d also like to give u guys a custom made snake hook. tried email twitter and facebook, u no repond. Like so they see, THANKS 😀

  19. Nagita Komeada says:

    Why don’t people play cards in the jungle?

    To many cheeters… Kill me…

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