Toya Wright Warns Daughter Not to Date Rappers

Toya Wright Warns Daughter Not to Date Rappers

“T.I. and Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle” is back on Monday. Monica, Letoya Luckett, and Toya are all on the show. In a sneak preview of the season, Toya (who was with Lil Wayne), tells her 19-year-old daughter Reginae to not date rappers. Reginae is currently dating 27-year-old rapper YFN Lucci, who has 4 children.

Then, Lil Kim and Mr. Papers split after their daughter, Royal Reign was born. Kim claimed Papers was abusive, so she got physical custody. Mr. Papers denies ever getting physical with Kim and he recently posted a freestyle rap asking to see his daughter.

Plus, the naked Melania Trump look-a-like from T.I.’s music video says she got death threats for degrading the first lady and RHOA star Shereé Whitfield is getting called out for her “She By Shereé” joggers.

And, Kris Humphries has resurfaced. Find out what he’s doing today and if he misses the spotlight.
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89 Responses

  1. Nana Young says:

    I love a good Wendy bob💆🏼‍♀️

  2. Talkindurinthemovie says:

    Regina out there acting a fool…they need to go on Iylana Fix My Life…cuz i see some generational patterns.

  3. You Tube says:

    Kris Humphries is from Minnesota

  4. Karl with a K says:

    Wendy’s pauses are hilarious lol. Her silence speaks volumes.

  5. Ciaobella Amour says:

    Chris Humphries is smart 💯💯💯🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
    He won’t end up the stereotypical, broke, washed up baller

  6. Aki Merced says:

    damn audience must be loaded shading kris for being a real estate agent… til they heard about the five guys stores lol

  7. R N says:


  8. butterfliesblue1 says:

    Reginae, don’t do it. Older men just wanna take advantage of younger women. I’m speaking from experience.

  9. Celeena Smith says:

    1:36 Mega Millions
    4:11 Melania Double Trouble
    5:49 Ti and Tiny are back
    9:50 Kris slams kim
    14:26 Lil kim family Drama
    17:14 Sheree under fire
    19:47 Blumes big screen debut

  10. Nana Young says:

    Lil Kim looks like a Filipino house cat

  11. Hafsa hxh says:

    Why did the audience find it funny that Chris is now a real estate agent in Minnesota? People need to revaluate the idea that some jobs are better than others. Stop job shaming individuals just because they want to pursue a career that doesn’t involve the limelight. It does not mean they’re less successful! And no shade, but it doesn’t seem like any of yall are “better” off either💁🏾‍♀️

  12. BLACKTREAT says:

    It’s a NO for Wendy’s outfit for today, bad built body for that wear.

  13. sarahgirlisit says:

    Sheree never wants to pay her workers this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this.

  14. Veee Beee says:

    Reginae is too young and sweet; all rappers want to do is claim that they got with Lil’ Wayne’s daughter. Girl listen to your Momma

    • Ms Bronze Goddess says:

      +Next Weekend Exactly! Shes cute and young PLUS a famous rappers daughter. They are all coming for her like zombies!😂

    • Mj Moore says:

      Sweet? LMAO someone’s never seen growing up hip hop

    • Bella Aldama says:

      Veee Beee if I was her, I wouldn’t give him my number, much less dating him. Because it’s funny how they were bashing Ciara saying she wasted her primes year on men like future, and bypass “lame/nerds”( as if being a lame/nerd makes someone a good man, while their personality and character are trash). Now she wants a lame like Wilson to raise her child. But it’s okay for black men to have hiccups in life and start fresh, 4 kids at 27, and want a woman with no children to take them as they are.

  15. Scovya Porsha says:

    Why did the audience laugh when Wendy said that Humphreys is an estate agent??. Human beings can be idiotic and morons sometimes

  16. missmara541 says:

    These older men continue to prey on young women. Like if you’re a grown man with 4 kids why are you dating a teenager?? Young adults are so easily impressionable and all these men care about is getting laid smh her mom is right.

    • Gail123 says:

      At least he’s still in his twenties, the ones I cannot stand are those in their mid thirties and up who should know better. There are no good intentions when a grown man wants a woman twenty years younger to marry; they know they’re no good and can’t handle a woman their age. Woe to the women who marry much older men..

    • missmara541 says:

      It’s gross on a multitude of levels. Like Diddy’s new girl is younger than his oldest son?!? How is that acceptable by any means?

    • Gail123 says:

      It’s called money 💰

    • ThatGuy Greg says:

      And woman care about is getting pregant and secruring a bag and getting taking care of.

  17. Josh B39 says:

    Wendy shouldn’t be using tight pieces of cloth from her waist down. She doesn’t have much on back there.

    • Bree Miller says:

      she has the confidence enough to wear it. I used to have a big butt thighs and curves but no boobs. now because of illness I have no boobs and no butt or thighs but you have to learn to love your body. also remember that wendy has illness as well. yes I know that in todays world everyone complains about not being able to lose weight, there is a struggle with being able to GAIN weight. skinny women should be able to feel confident and sexy too thank you.

    • Tywana Lewis says:

      Long Flare skirts only…

    • Joy Leath says:

      Clearly her stylist made a boo boo lol they know her shape tho so why?

    • Innocent Life says:

      Her whole body looks a hot mess. Her breast bigger than her azz.😮

  18. Goddess ByNature says:

    Mr.Papers have no papers! What a fraud😂😂😂

  19. Valarie Cole says:

    This season …… Wendy’s hair …. style and outfits have skyrocketed but her Hot Topics has plummeted 😢

  20. Timefortruelove says:

    She doesn’t look like Melania that much at all.

    • Format Lux says:

      She doesn’t look like Melania that much at all.

    • Ms Bronze Goddess says:

      Damnear Identical except melMANia, looks more like Bruce Jenner!😂🤣

    • Slim Louis says:

      Not at all. She was more like a body double. They were careful to edit around her face for the video.

    • Ms Bronze Goddess says:

      +Slim Louis They look like twins. Doppleganger in my opinion.smh Denial. Melania is botox queen like Wendy!🤣

    • Slayton701 says:

      this world is designed to see people fall. and Satan is the accuser of brethren” so many will say the gospel is not the route to take……. and standing on the word of God is that and that. but im hear to tell you the faith of the Lord is the only way. in the book of proverbs the bible tells you some wont even get rest. unless they make another person fall. 4:16 For they sleep not, except they have done mischief; and their sleep is taken away. now some folks are spiritually ” blind. yes they may have 2o/2o vision. but the thing that they need to see. the Lord wont allow them because of their hearts isn’t right. the Bible is alive. and powerful. Just as it is written: romans 11:8 Just as it is written: romans 11:7-8 What then? Israel has not obtained what it seeks; but the elect have obtained it, and the rest were blinded. 8 Just as it is written: “God has given them a spirit of stupor, eyes that they should not see and ears that they should not hear, To this very day.” see only a few can discern the gospel and literature written in the bible. and the Lord has it to were man thinks the word is foolish. Lots of folks are slaves to riches and trust in oppression. The Bible says do not trust in oppression nor vainly hope in robbery, if riches increase do not set your heart on them. amen. time is running out and a persons soul has to live on forever its either going upstairs to the Kingdom of God or below with Satan and the pits of hell. do not trust in the gov/ powers or the system of the world. they have catch phrases and all sorts of lines to en slave people and corrupt ones “moral” values. Jesus is the only way going to church and studying the word because the war is not flesh and blood its “spiritual” study the Lords word the truth is in there. this sexually immoral world and covetous hearted. materialism driven place is at its wits end. – Bless.

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