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20 Responses

  1. Cyke101 says:

    Drew Carey seems like the kind of guy who would either offer to arrange
    some sort of exchange for something worth winning for her, or just outright
    buy the items and give her money instead.

  2. michael e says:


  3. Jumbybird says:

    The prizes the play for are set beforehand, when she won the chance to come
    up and play, should they have stopped the show and arrange a new prize to
    be P/C? I’m sure most of the people that don’t approve, either didn’t or
    don’t watch the show, and have no clue. Give it up folks, stop trying to
    create controversy where there’s none.

    • Hapie “Real Name” Star says:

      +Jumbybird But what else are SJWs supposed to do?

    • Yompers says:

      +Jumbybird I don’t think anyone was trying to create controversy, it was
      just awkward and funny. Of course it wasn’t the show’s fault.

    • Yompers says:

      +Hapie Star “SJW; Noun; The term racists, sexists, and homophobes use for
      anyone that doesn’t hate minorities.”

  4. Chris Rhodes says:

    Knowing me i think i would burst out laughing as soon as he said treadmill

  5. Matthew Evans says:

    ‘The Price is Right’ just gave a treadmill to a contestant in a wheelchair.
    She was still excited at least.

  6. EvilOvercast says:

    it’s funny because she can’t use a treadmill

  7. Greg Cantelli says:

    That’s a little unfortunate. At least it wasn’t yoga pants.

  8. T Cooper says:


  9. zeefly226 says:

    The very definition of irony.

  10. limpfinger12 says:

    Looks like her husband could use it…

  11. Natsu says:

    WTF is she going to to with a treadmill

  12. Jay Pee says:

    That is messed up.

  13. Lionel Messi says:

    She could use the treadmill like that one Homer Simpson gif

  14. KeDHD says:

    its not funny its soooo unlucky