Tracy Morgan Emmys Speech 2015

Tracy Morgan Emmys Speech 2015

Tracy Morgan returns to the Emmys for the first time since his accident.

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20 Responses

  1. D will says:

    The Gay Elite’s Scared Him To Death….

  2. d low says:

    much prayers and love for this man,.

  3. Caleb Jones says:

    No more cane!? ?

  4. MAN_ON_WHEELZ says:

    Almost brought a tear to my eye watching this comeback. So glad he’s making
    such a great recovery

  5. Deanna Brownlee says:

    His strength is astonishing to me! I can’t imagine surviving a devastating
    accident, only to learn that my best friend wasn’t so lucky. In just 15
    short months, he has exceeded my expectations and has made incredible
    progress physically and mentally. I admire his perseverance in the biggest
    way. Tracy’s back! I really do wish the best for him. I hope he enjoys a
    long, happy, pain-free life and is able to put this behind him for good.

  6. Pusher Love Man says:

    Did he make Tina Fey cry a little at 1:43? Great to see everyone welcome
    him back!

  7. derek isaac says:

    Tracy morgan. Showed if your not ready to knock on heavens door you
    Will fight to stay alive in all of struggles
    The. Human spirit. Is alive in this guy

  8. Candace Neyman says:

    Horrible and AVOIDABLE accident. My husband is a truck driver and is
    militant about getting his sleep before he goes on the road. So happy for
    Tracy and his family, and sorry for the loss of his dear friend.

    • Candace Neyman says:

      +tartfuel My apologies. It was a typo on my part. While my brain was
      deciding between the words ‘unnecessary’ and ‘avoidable’ and my fingers
      typed ‘unavoidable’. I will edit my comment to correct.

    • tartfuel says:

      +Candace Neyman Unavoidable? You mean completely avoidable. If the driver
      was like your husband and got his sleep, Tracy Morgan would not have been
      injured and Jimmy Mack would still be alive.

  9. Chris Auer says:

    Love Tracy on Stern. Gurgle Gurgle!

  10. Eduardo Ferrer says:

    00:13 Kevin Spacey explains Robin Wright who the hell is Tracy Morgan

  11. HarrisonsFord says:

    He’s back. He’s fucking back. It’s so incredible to hear him functioning at
    all, let alone still being genuinely funny. I was so scared that he would
    lose that precious gift of timing and stupid cleverness, but he hasn’t lost
    a beat.

  12. Rhonda Peppers says:

    Awww…welcome back Tracy Morgan!

  13. peppah1 says:

    Good to see Brian Fellows back!

  14. MegaGolgo13 says:

    He is still funny, and very blessed. Welcome back, Tracy!!!

  15. JYC422 says:

    drama series is right… how long is this dude going to be on the verge of

  16. Steve says:

    Good to see Tracy back..

  17. William Thompson says:

    Modern science is like a miracle. Tracy was in really bad shape. It is like
    a miracle that he had recovered so much

  18. Reny Bryant says:

    IT’s so good to see him walking :)