TRAIL BLAZERS vs WARRIORS | Golden State Eyes a Trip to Their 5th Consecutive NBA Finals | Game 4

TRAIL BLAZERS vs WARRIORS | Golden State Eyes a Trip to Their 5th Consecutive NBA Finals | Game 4

The Golden State Warriors defeated the Portland Trail Blazers in overtime by a final score of 119-117 to win the Western Conference Finals, 4-0. The Warriors join the Boston Celtics (10 consecutive appearances from 1957-66) as the only franchises in NBA history to reach at least five consecutive NBA Finals. Stephen Curry (37 points, 13 rebounds, 11 assists) and Draymond Green (18 points, 14 rebounds, 11 assists) led the way for the Warriors as they became the first teammates in NBA Playoffs history to record a triple-double in the same game. The Warriors will face off against the 2019 Eastern Conference Champion (winner of the Milwaukee Bucks-Toronto Raptors series) in the 2019 NBA Finals.

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76 Responses

  1. Michael Jordan says:

    Rodney hood just got swept by the warriors with3 different teams ?

  2. Bo Rood says:

    LMAO! Blazers blew 17+ leads in three straight games. That’s the definition of choking.

    • ITSCRAZY NICE says:

      Dave Martin Dave the 90s bills are about You he surpassed by the Warriors on the best year or two. Actually if the Warriors win another title this year they are arguable the best every and if they get another ring or two in the next three to five years they are surely the best ever if they keep the core players happy and together. No one has had a whole team of str8 nasty BALLERZ like this Warriors squad. EVER! They are deep everywhere.

    • Dave Martin says:

      +ITSCRAZY NICE first of all, u need to go back to kindergarten. Spelling and grammar need some work.

      If gs wins 5 or 6, that would obviously b very impressive.

      But the 90s bulls would’ve won 9 straight if Jordan didnt go play baseball. And they never would’ve blown a 3-1 lead


      I’m saying. They could EASILY be up 3-1 rn. Then again, we all know GS’s history of 3-1 leads.

    • Ryan says:

      Bo Rood not as big as their choke in the 2016 Finals

    • M.C. Siar says:

      Bo Rood that’s the definition of poor defense. No defense. No championship. It’s plain simple.

  3. Dry Ice says:

    The warriors are constantly known for pulling great comebacks

  4. aidan says:

    No lead is safe against these guys. R.I.P City

  5. Erik Hopkins says:

    Blazers: “Showed up”
    Warriors: “Showed out”
    It’s just that simple

  6. United Forever says:

    At this point golden state warriors are like the dad playing with his little kid in the driveway. And when the dad wants to win he wins

  7. Yung Rell says:

    Charles Barkley: Warriors can’t win without KD, there bench isn’t what it was in 2016.

    Warriors: Hold my Rings

  8. Avner Chaim says:

    Draymond running the rock down their throats lol

  9. Ricardo Vieyra says:

    Curry’s not clutch?
    He just swept portland with no KD, Boogie Cousins, and no Andre in game 4.
    Curry Time

  10. Shanta doll says:

    Damien Lillard is about to watch the NBA finals on Hulu!!!

  11. Alex Hathaway says:

    Unreal Green bangs a three 4 the win. MVP

  12. damage 92 says:

    Shouldn’t they have known by now that once your in the lead by double digits, the warriors become super saiyans!!!

  13. TheDarkenedLightGem says:

    Awesome D by Klay on Lillard on that last play. Lillard could’ve easily hit a game winning three but clearly Klay distracted him and messed up his shot.

  14. Donald Brown says:

    Good job taking care of business on the road Warriors.

  15. omari logan says:

    Draymond Green drills the 3!!! ???

  16. Aubrey says:

    Meyers leonard played so well tonight, career high and warriors still clawed their way back to victory. No lead is ever safe

    • Force 5 says:

      Aubrey no… the clippers came back to beat the warriors in the first round. That was a 31 point comeback

  17. Hiddencarnage says:

    Damn without KD warriors looking like them 73-9 warriors again

    • Jela Good says:

      +Ryan but the Cavs had damn near 4× the amount of free throw opportunities than gs and a team that didn’t loose 2 games in a row the whole season and only lost 1 at home threw a 3-0 run where they lost two at home

    • Young Stunna says:

      Em Christobal ? damn did the cavs crush your dreams salty ass fool

    • Christina Garner says:

      Why in the hell would they rig a series to be over in 4 games, the NBA needs tv networks to make money in turn making them more money and a series being over after 4 games does not get that done, more games equals more revenue so if they were to rig a series they would at least stretch it out to 6 games.

    • Ryan says:

      Jela Good it’s their fault for doing it refs were equal

    • Ryan says:

      Angelo Manzi you know you’re talking to a bandwagon for the Warriors if they say it’s rigged everyone knew you choked get over it 4 points was close but you can’t even win it’s not rigged if it was watch KD join the Warriors and slither 2 rings you know the Warriors choked so get over it you dipshit

  18. JR FLY says:

    Warriors are a Dynasty … Dame Time was never gonna be enough to stop “Splash City” …

  19. Xavier Smith says:

    Good season and playoff run Portland ?? much respect

  20. Kristopher Watson says:

    Draymond coming up clutch with that 3 pointer

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