Trailer: Good Morning Los Angeles: Fear the Walking Dead: Series Premiere

Trailer: Good Morning Los Angeles: Fear the Walking Dead: Series Premiere

“A strange virus is going around…” Fear the Walking Dead premieres Summer 2015. Only on AMC.

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18 Responses

  1. Austin Nale says:
  2. luis Martinez says:

    Theres far worse things to fear in los angeles than flesh eating zombies.

  3. Stephane Steele says:

    Cool… Us kiwis didn’t want to see this anyway…. 

  4. stuckinthemiddle says:

    I’m really excited for this!! I think this series will be more of a
    “realistic” view of a zombie apocalypse since they won’t follow a comic

  5. Smokesterr says:

    LA bout to fucking get it! Juiced for this especially since the OG TWD
    ain’t going to come back for a min

  6. RandPaul VotedagainstGMOLABELBILL says:

    I hope this series focuses more on the wonderful production values of
    Znation LOL !

  7. Loviie8455 says:

    I think this spin off is going to be great because
    a) we get a new perspective and place
    b) it will most likely start right at the beginning of the virus, unlike
    ricks story, where he woke up a few weeks after it happened. It also means
    we will see everything ‘go down’ and learn how the characters will deal
    with this.
    OMG OMG OMG now I’m excited!!

  8. austinswngr3 says:

    silverlake farmers market on sunset

  9. Enrique S.P. says:

    * REMEMBER* get your flu shot.
    hmm I wonder if the virus is in the flu shot.

  10. lemondrop02 says:

    I will definitely be watching this but I was kinda hoping they would do
    snow zombies or something like that…

  11. Edgar D. says:

    Could be good or maybe not. This will hold everyone until the season 6

  12. BinkenatorTV says:

    The Walking Dead is my baby, I love it, feed it, nurture it, pop my tit in
    its mouth when its hungry. Its gonna feel like going to a new school, with
    all these strange new actors that I have no emotional ties to… It better
    be really damn good.

  13. Alexander Cortes says:

    Laughing because Go home and take care of yourself like it were the flu.
    Memories when everyone was a noob

  14. Cassy belle says:

    let’s hope they leave LA by season 2 because it’s so cliché. They should go
    to somewhere with snow because I wanna see how they survive during winter

  15. Cody Fields says:

    Why is everybody going crazy over the name? I don’t care if it’s called The
    Walking Dead 2.0 or The Walking Dead: Los Angeles if it’s a good series.

  16. Dagm Sirak says:

    Guys I’m spooked.

  17. Prank Files says:

    Now please!

  18. Unpolarize says:

    So cliche to have it set in Los Angeles.