Trailer: Reports in Five States: Fear the Walking Dead: Series Premiere

Trailer: Reports in Five States: Fear the Walking Dead: Series Premiere

Don’t miss the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead. August 2015, only on AMC. For more Fear the Walking Dead videos:

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20 Responses

  1. mjstory1976 says:


  2. jason20599 says:

    Don’t worry guys, we all know this bitch is gonna die first

  3. Dimitri Vincheov (Truth Soldier 56) says:

    LOL!! just like the reaction people give me when I tell them the NWO
    conspiracy is real…stupid ass sheeple

  4. Dimitri Vincheov (Truth Soldier 56) says:


  5. BOB FRYE says:

    Agreed, don’t try;
    especially female creatures.

  6. Nicholas Fetherston says:

    It’s Eugene’s nephew.

  7. Vincent Audy says:

    Omg of the overall acting look like this, that will be really boring.. :/

  8. Msy Mel says:

    Meh! these promos are silly. first scared-shirtless-skinny boy running and
    now pimples…i will watch the first episode to see where this is going. I
    love Kim Dickens though.

  9. John Ryan Carter says:

    New preview for Fear The Walking Dead.

  10. John Ryan Carter says:

    +Josie Guerra Flores Hey Josie! How are you? Yeah #FTWD is going to be
    good Kirkman and Nicotero are behind, and I can’t wait! Always #TWD first
    always but this will be good. Also haven’t read the two yet very

  11. John Ryan Carter says:

    +Amanda Baratta Hey I’am good. Why thank you don’t make me blush how is my
    east coast beauty doing?

  12. Josie Guerra Flores says:

    Glad to see a bit more trailers of FTWD definitely gaining momentum. Thanks
    for the post +John Ryan Carter I’m super happy they released double issues
    of the comics this month too. Very interesting!

  13. Amanda Baratta says:

    Oh yea…getting excited ova here!!lol. How are my favorite west coast

  14. Angela Bird says:

    “The authorities would tell us.” Please. They wouldn’t tell us shit.

  15. Spyder Fweek says:

    Ha Ha Ha! It’s a pizza face! 

  16. Jorge duenez says:

    I hope he survives becausr he is already smarter then Carl.

  17. MasterBluePrint says:

    That’s awful how people don’t believe in nerds and ignores the warnings.

  18. Douglas Snyder says:

    I don’t think that the “Authorities” would tell us anything since the
    government do keep secrets from us. So, what kind of authority is

  19. Rob “Mr Graveyard” Manetta says:

    “You need to spend less time online ok? The authorities would tell us”
    When your mom will say that to you…Then you’ll know you’ll need to…

  20. atombot89 says:

    This looks goofy, looks like a parody or some shit.