Trailer: Welcome to the Family: The Night Manager: Series Premiere

Trailer: Welcome to the Family: The Night Manager: Series Premiere

From master of suspense, John Le Carré, comes The Night Manager. A new 6-part miniseries event starring Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie. Premieres Tuesday, April 16th on AMC. For more The Night Manager:

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The Night Manager:

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20 Responses

  1. Jessica I says:

    Excellent trailer!! So excited for this!!

  2. jeremy james says:

    can’t wait

  3. HOLYFEAR2001 says:

    Loki and Dr.House? LET’S GO!!!!!!

  4. jeremy james says:

    I’m not guy, but I came a little.

  5. Nikki Likes says:

    Oh My Gosh!!!! *DROOL* YES!

  6. Matthew Rivera says:

    this actually looks really gud

  7. ciroslive says:


  8. Asc Kurosaki says:

    How come the trailers for amc shows are more clear, hd than the actual show

  9. desilu19x says:

    Tom? AMC??? READY AIM… FIRE! Can’t wait!

  10. Haiden Jennings says:

    Looks like something from HBO, although who putting it on a Tuesady is
    beyond me.

  11. Jimmy C says:

    AMC is killing it!! Please make a Jesse Pinkman origin story!

  12. Rick Grimes says:

    Dr. House?

  13. JoshTehYoda says:

    Woah Loki is alive still?

  14. sam melon says:


  15. Isabel Galindo says:

    I guess Loki has other things to do besides taking over asgaurd.

  16. Ashani Francis says:


  17. Paul Newton says:

    Clip-type: Screening: Title: Subtitle: Sub-subtitle: Series : Premier
    Miniseries : Colons : Channel : This summer

  18. R. B. says:

    Only watched for Tom Hiddleston.

  19. Demetria Thomas says:

    yes please

  20. wonderwall135 says:

    she was the hot girl in gatsby