Train Ride Of Shame (Babysitter 8 Ft. SomethingElseYT)

Train Ride Of Shame (Babysitter 8 Ft. SomethingElseYT)

Nothing like getting stranded in a strange city with your hot babysitter to get your heart pumping….Visit for a 30 day free trial of their premium service.

A story time about when we were stranded
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58 Responses

  1. CakeLick says:

    Girlfriend: yOu DiDnT tElL mE

    How I Would Have Reacted

    Me: Hey That’s Super Cool

  2. xIsaiah02x X says:

    4:06 *Clicks like button*

    *5 seconds later*

    4:11 “Thanks for clicking the like button!” —Alex Clark

  3. The Instant Classic YoungBlood says:

    Me: Alrighty let’s see what’s goin on on YouTube

    *Sees babysitter part 8 is up*

    Me: *Grabs headphones and jumps onto the couch* LET’S GET DIS GOIN!

    ((For this to be uploaded on my birthday of all days is the BEST coincidence ever👌👌👌))

    Edit: (Thank you to everyone telling me happy birthday and HOLY RAVIOLI THIS COMMENT WAS NOTICED BY ALEX-SENPAI)

  4. 1k Subscribers With 1 Video Challenge says:

    *Get off here to click the like button*

  5. GingerGaming 14 says:

    This is a true right?

  6. Gacha Alexis says:

    Also this is gonna continue on

    Happy Death Day……

    Eeeehhhh!!!!! I’ll grab the popcorn and knives! 🔪🍿

  7. KittensPlayMCToo says:

    You should make this into a Netflix show

  8. fla5h1 says:

    My favorite series is the babysitter series like if you agree🤣😂🤣😂

  9. Littled3y7794 Loot says:

    Today was my ants birthday one like for every happy birthday

  10. fluffy jack snow says:

    *does homework*
    I love Homework!
    *sees babysitter part 8*
    I love AlexClark!
    *thows homework across room*

  11. Frank Garcia says:

    I checked if this video ended in a cliffhanger,

    Read more

  12. MrStealYoTv says:

    i see the last 7 didn’t give you enough revenue

  13. Google Is A Cruel Mistress says:

    3 hours by buss = about 10 hours by running at a fast pace with a hour long break in the middle… don’t ask me why I know this…

  14. Katelynn Kwok says:

    I love this arc, it was a lot of fun!

  15. Lorithien 425626 says:

    Who’s pumped for part 9?!?!?

  16. paintbynumberartist says:

    You had to have the next video come out on my wedding day! There’s no way I’ll have enough energy to watch it that day!!

  17. metalhead 6961 says:

    Finally!!! I love that you guys still manage to do all this even with everything Alex does! Can’t wait till Saturday!

  18. the kid with 2 subs says:

    Well… The cartoon girl is hot but um uh why do yall draw her so hot 🔥

  19. Johan spiller ting says:

    at 3:57 in the video ther is a poster that says 2019 tour, so will you haw a 2019 tour?

  20. SSO Stuff says:

    Bro, I clicked the like button before I watched *Finger Guns*

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