Training My Roomate To Walk Quietly

Training My Roomate To Walk Quietly

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35 Responses

  1. Sadnehs says:

    I can’t imagine what the sponsor that cancelled, was expecting from this channel.
    I assume… they’ve never seen this channel’s videos.

    • SpecterX Ylanan says:

      I think it’s some noise cancellation device or some earphones/headphones that also does noise cancelling

    • Bob Dobsin says:

      @Abram Sowell Right. What were they thinking.
      The amount of subs that WoW got from that South Park episode which took shots at the game was nuts.
      Putting your name next to something offensive or insensitive will make you money, as long as enough people find it funny. And this was way more tame anything that plenty of other more popular youtubers would put out.
      Dumb move on their part.

    • Valerie Box says:

      I think its a cooking sponser cause of that one bit

    • Fullmetal Xeno says:

      My guess is it had something to do with that nonsense ice cream experiment

    • luke durkee says:

      I would have been happy to sponsor this

  2. Roly Moes says:

    “big hairless dog”

    Michael’s head hair: “Am I a joke to you?”

  3. Luminous Kiwi ? says:

    Next challenge: Training roommate how to scream more quietly while stepping on electric carpet.

  4. Allison Willner says:

    “How bad could it be?” IT’S DESIGNED FOR A HORSE

  5. kermit69 says:

    That hairless dog joke was probably one of the best jokes I’ve seen in a while

  6. bad films bf says:

    You don’t interrupt a man playing Minecraft

  7. Stack daddy says:

    Pretending to have a big dog. OH way actually it’s a small dog

  8. Eruhin Makhtar says:

    “inhumane for animals”
    William: “Ha! Well good thing its for a person then!”

  9. epikin says:

    “I’ve left my room today” was Will’s only unexpected part in his plan to suprise Michael

  10. Stuart McIntosh says:

    My room and Living room: The ceiling between us. A new love story bestseller coming soon

  11. jimbo macaroni says:

    It’s really hard to think of an original comment for this video

  12. Y.Z. sheikh says:

    Smh don’t bring the dead into your *living* room

  13. Stalin says:

    “Oh, you have to be touching both.” ?????
    Ladies and gentleman, this is our electrical engineer. You have to be touching both sides of a circuit to get shocked.

    • Kl8 says:

      Fairly sure he was a mechanical engineer.

    • eh says:

      Kl8 nope electrical

    • Kl8 says:

      @eh “This week Michael sits down with Mechanical Engineer and Youtube sensation William Osman to talk about a few of the  projects he’s developed using Arduino.” Listen to his interviews. He is a mechanical engineer, that has gotten into electrical as a hobby. As why Michael and others do alot of the difficult electrical work.

    • Kl8 says:

      @eh also explains why he uses cog gears on 90% of his creations. The main thing you learn with a mechanical engineering degree

    • The Piscis says:

      If the device was grounded like it should have been, touching one side could give you a shock. Also a high enough ac voltage could shock you even if it was isolated.

  14. Sean Fuentes says:

    Hmmm I wonder if the sponsor was going to be Casper. Sleep, mattress. Makes sense.

  15. Wayfarer Zen says:

    Wait, Michael leaves his room? This is a revelation.

    Seriously you two make my day any day. 😀

  16. Avery Nelson says:

    Caretaker sweetly wiping Williams face at the end is such a wholesome mood

  17. Basic Bean says:

    I’ve worked at a McDonald’s and it is 100% lazy employees

  18. BFD Mod says:

    I want that trashed arduino! Very good addition to my setup lol

  19. Mayonnaise Boy says:

    “i’ve left my room today. there’s an electric carpet in the living room”

  20. FlyTitan says:

    Who else thought this was uploaded by Michael lol

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