“Trainwreck” Official Red Band Trailer

“Trainwreck” Official Red Band Trailer

Amy’s messy personal life is about to take a turn for the disastrous in “Trainwreck.”

“Trainwreck” stars Amy Schumer and is directed by Judd Apatow.

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19 Responses

  1. SebyT10 says:

    i think that Lebron is going to be the funny one in this movie

  2. Leandro Esparrago says:

    Wow. Tilda looks epic.

  3. meetyface says:

    If Lebron is playing himself, why give him a fake hairline? Lol

  4. Joseph Paramonte says:

    This movie would be funny and a money maker without Amy schumer. Judd
    Apatow is gonna have to find out the hard way. Too bad.

  5. spyfoxguy says:

    hope this does the same thing for LeBron’s image as Space Jam did for
    Michael. People unfairly hate on the guy.

  6. EDGEWALKERMW3 says:

    im gonna watch this because of LeGod James and cena prematurely ejaculation

  7. ben ascot says:

    horrible British accent

  8. Raquel Anonuevo says:

    hahahah worth to watch….

  9. Alex Connolly says:


  10. Vishnu K.M says:

    John cena’s in it!!!…

  11. Jack Burton says:

    I’ve waited so long to see John Cen’a crotch rocket

  12. Will C says:

    Holy fucking shit, I did NOT recognized Tilda Swinton. AT ALL. She really
    is a modern chameleon.

  13. thefaulkness says:

    Jhon sena

  14. David Kerr says:

    WoW drew Barrymore look so different when shes attack by bees

  15. xxToXiCxxReCoNx says:

    There goes Cena’s PG title

  16. godbluffvdgg says:

    Amy is brilliant and I can’t wait to see a boot leg of this!

  17. Mr. Inappropriate says:

    *Theater worthy or no?*

  18. sigepone4 says:

    Tilda’s in it? Sold!

  19. StarBucks718 says:

    Man Amy Schumer is so ho…………….she’s really
    funn………………..she can