Trans Women Discuss Online Dating

Trans Women Discuss Online Dating

We need to talk more about love.

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20 Responses

  1. MaggieOAT says:

    Wow, the woman with the purple hair looks awesome. I wish I could rock that
    colour. O.O

  2. faaantaaastic says:

    I freaking love that purple hair omg??

  3. Naylea Navarro says:

    Sophia from Orange in the new black tho

  4. Alexx Elisa says:

    Gigigorgueous needed to be on here. Loved this video.

  5. swimmer8585 says:

    Well here’s the deal for me: If you have xy chromosomes, then it ain’t
    gonna work at all. If you have two X chromosomes, we can get started, but
    even then it may not work

  6. Kia Mitchell says:

    I respect how these ladies are honest about who they are online. When I
    watch the Jerry Springer show sometimes, it always turns into a fight.

  7. I LOVE SF says:

    trolls are not being disgusting just being honest, you are the disgusting

  8. sukanya das says:

    a massive hug to you all…. sister love :*

  9. ufoalien4444 says:

    @Sam F learn English or get out.

  10. Dominque Bauer says:

    All these women are so pretty! ^////^ I want purple hair!

  11. Nashi Dragneel (ナシ- さん) says:

    mmmm no. You’re all dudes…Not girls..

    Let the comment war begin. ?

  12. Stephanie Saveria says:


  13. Wolf_Dwyer_Games says:

    Omg jen was on the i am cait show

  14. mermaid732 says:

    i have found that if you are out to find a community accepting folks , go
    to a convention ( anime con, comic con etc.) they are really great

  15. Morgan Phibbs says:

    i lovE that purple hair girl!!

  16. carly washbuurn says:

    the lady with the purple hair is such a gorgeous soul oh my god<3 <3 so
    much positivity i love it

  17. WARDIAZ says:

    I’m just sitting here questioning life.

  18. andrew johnston says:

    Arisce you looking amazing and I would make you my bride in a heart beat.

  19. GimmeUrself says:

    Literally, lol at the comments.

  20. 7L says:

    disliked for homosexual propaganda.