Transforming a Homeless Womans Life… **EXTREMELY EMOTIONAL**

Transforming a Homeless Womans Life… **EXTREMELY EMOTIONAL**

So today I wanted to transform another homeless persons life, and I found a very beautiful lady who seemed like she needed help, and I did everything I could to make her happy. Hope you enjoyed.


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If you read this far down the description I love you

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61 Responses

  1. FaZe Rug says:


  2. Kayla Rodriguez says:

    Some people would say he is doing this for views but he is just a generous person 😊🌺

  3. Miguel Carranza says:

    Faze rug has big beautiful heart I’m glad I’m subscribe to this channel Faze rug is the best youtuber this made my day

  4. Rowland Marshall says:

    Rugs plan, rugs plan…

  5. gina cooper says:

    The lady is beautiful she has beautiful skin she can be a model..awesome brian you’re so sweet and nice god bless you always!👍✌❤

  6. Michelle Tolentino says:

    Your so sweet and gorgeous you all was make me smile

  7. Jennifer Weier says:

    Do more with Angie

  8. Nathan Snell says:

    you should get her a phone

  9. Aiden Trout says:

    All the dislikes are from the homeless who didnt come across brian (Thx for the likes)

  10. Gamer Furky says:

    All the people who disliked this don’t have a heart 💔

  11. Itsrafaelgarcia says:

    Ange is really well spoken and seems like a nice woman and I bet that if she were to get a little bit of help to get her back on her feet, she could find a job somewhere and build her life back up.

  12. Savege puppies says:

    God bless you FaZe Rug

  13. Insane Coder says:

    Do a video where Mike and Ange meet

  14. Clare Scala says:

    She is actually so pretty someone sign her as a model 😍😍😍

  15. Spin Midjeter says:

    i love what your did for her

  16. Majestic Apple says:

    Plot twist:
    She was just on a lunch break at work and he ended up buying here all the stuff

  17. FwTx TrillBerto says:

    Not trynna be fucked up but i hope she bought a bra

  18. random_ content135 says:

    Teach Mike how to play fortnite

  19. Josh Cortez says:

    Rug is da 🐐

  20. Gjon Nikprelevic says:

    God Bless Rug! 🙏

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