Transporters and Quantum Teleportation

Transporters and Quantum Teleportation

A reply to CGP Grey’s video about teleportation, consciousness and Star Trek. CGP Grey’s Transporter video:


Scott Aaronson on teleportation machines:

The original quantum teleportation paper:

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20 Responses

  1. Jose “JJ” Foldy says:

    You forgot Jake’s video. From Vsauce.

  2. Nicholas Shaw says:

    how is this different from faxing

  3. Nicholas Shaw says:

    I sense deceiving us to believe in more than the body in you.

  4. Djumba F. says:

    *what if Quantum Teleportation could increase your penis size….*
    *on a Quantum level?*

  5. Mr Byers says:

    It doesn’t matter if the original blueprint is deleted or not. The act of
    reducing a human being to information through any method essentially kills
    him, because consciousness is inseparable from the material substrate that
    houses it. Any method of teleportation involves the abstraction of
    consciousness away from the material reality which generates it, thus
    necessitates the mortification of the original being. The premise of
    nonlethal teleportation thus relies on metaphysical mind/body dualism,
    which we can all agree is a steaming pile of horse hockey.

  6. Fenlan Yan says:

    oh yeah

  7. saialife says:

    cloning basically

  8. Freddie Simmons says:

    But, could you make two yous?

  9. Anas Rehman says:

    If quantum teleportation is perfected sometime in the future ( I might be
    wrong), what would happen if you teleport with another complex organism,
    what would happen to you? Would you die? :)

  10. Clive Bunker says:

    I am from CGP. Who else?

  11. Hash Brown says:

    Let me clarify what he just said. You can’t teleport ya hopeless fuck.

  12. Tyroceoylus Layray says:

    I learned nothing from this video.

  13. Joseph Clayson says:


  14. Astroxy says:

    Human transmutations arent possible because you can’t craft the human soul

  15. Jeff corsiglia says:

    Still, would never use a transporter if they existed.

  16. Nur M. Sarip says:

    it is only a trick.. dont me lol

  17. imbadwrench says:

    Someone forgot about W.B. DuBay, and his Comic Book “The Rook” from the 70s

  18. spencer kirkman says:

    Wait, so the reason you can’t clone is because measuring the States changes
    them right?

  19. Delta 584ER says:

    I guess cloning is a huge problem in mind uploading also.

  20. johnkelly90 says:

    Timeline meets The Prestige