Trap 3 Little Pigs

Trap 3 Little Pigs

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44 Responses

  1. Kyle Exum says:

    Thanks for watching! Lets get this thing trending!! You can stream the song here: and buy my book here: (The rest of the book and song links are in the description)

  2. ☻Here's My Opinion☻ says:

    THIS IS SO CREATIVE AND FUNNY?? love your whole channel kyle !!!!

  3. Chipotle Chips says:

    Ive been watching kyle for a year now and I just realized how fast he talks.

  4. Donna D says:

    Your so funny love this channel come here everytime I need a laugh?

  5. Jrue YT says:

    On the moms book it says *belt-Keon-do* IM DONE BRO ???? #this song is FIRE ?

  6. SimonThePuppet says:

    It’s so good
    So good however that I will ask my mom to get it for my six year old sisters birthday. I’ve missed it every year due to school.

  7. Nya J slay says:

    “Little pig, little pig, let me in, not by the hairs of my chinny chin chin, so I huffed and I puffed and I blew that thing down, next thing I knew, he was running around” AYYYEEEEEEEE???????

  8. Destiny Kuany says:

    How 2019 turned kids songs into raps!???

  9. Miss Waffle says:

    At the end when the brother said “again” I replayed the video

  10. Ja Morant Beast mode says:

    Every time it went to his brother I was dying ? good song also anyone else see the chore list ?

  11. XJJSavage says:

    Kyle: The End
    Brother: …… Again

    Kyle: The End
    Brother: …Again
    Kyle: no, read it yourself I’m tryna hop in the bed.
    Brother: MOOOMMM, Kyle won’t read me a bed time story
    Kyle: *starts reading again
    Mom: *comes in the room, hears the song and starts smiling
    Kyle: The end
    Brother and Mom: AGAIN
    Kyle: Why?
    Mom *pulls out belt
    Kyle: Starts the song again.

  12. DreadHead says:

    This is??a banger the flow is❄️?and the beat is cold
    Kyle exum u should make some real raps you will be the coldest rapper ?

  13. AnnoyingLion says:

    I can see the amount of effort you put into this!
    Writing the song, Singing the song, Making the beat, Getting the song in a kid’s book, Getting it illustrated, Making two versions of the book for young children, Filming the video itself, Getting the graduation costume and sitting in a bed with it for a few seconds, Editing that stuff.

    I congratulate you for making such a great piece of music 😀

  14. Andres Ibarra says:

    Chores for Today
    – Water the plants
    – Clean the toilet
    – Clean your room
    – Clean my room
    – Re-paint the walls
    – Wash the TV
    – Clean the Neighbors house
    – Count the grass
    – Fix your hairline
    – Sweep the ceilings
    – Wash the dishes…

    I DIEd on some. LOL ? ?

  15. lil daddy says:

    This is fire asf I was not expecting this?‼️???

  16. M G says:

    Chores for Today
    – -Water the plants-
    – -Clean the toilet-
    – -Clean your room-
    – -Clean my room-
    – -Re-paint the walls-
    – -Wash the TV-
    – -Clean the Neighbors house-
    – -Count the grass-
    – -Fix your hairline-
    – -Sweep the ceiling-
    – Wash the dishes

  17. Mystical Malachi says:

    I never knew bedtime stories could be that lit ?

  18. Joy osunbitan says:

    This was worth the wait

    1like = 1 person agrees?

  19. Derrick Palmer says:

    That the first time i see Kyle and he’s borther get long well… ????

  20. Coupon says:

    When your friends ask what music u listen to

    Me: uh it’s complicated

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