Trash: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

Trash: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

John Oliver explores trash and takes care of some unfinished business in the Ohio of Sweden.

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41 Responses

  1. Clickity Clack says:

    “Please stop sending me your garbage babies” is exactly what my daycare asked my mother and father when I was six.

    • Adam White says:


    • good 'un says:

      @KesArt , I love puns; I simply adore puns, and the more they make people groan the better they are ! Several of the channels I subscribe to provide myself and others with ample opportunity for punnery; FranLab, the History Guy, and Ted Woodford’s guitar repair channel (the ‘ twoodfrd ‘ channel). Perhaps I’ll see you on one of these!

    • KesArt says:

      @good ‘un Thank you for the advisory, I shall do my utmost to avoid incurring your comedic wrath.

      Take care.
      P.S. I do hope that you like puns, for I find them near impossible to resist.

    • Apokalypse456 says:

      well, that is gradeschool age not daycare age, so understandable

    • good 'un says:

      @KesArt , given the choice between emulating Don Rickles, or Rodney Dangerfield, I try to emulate Rodney about 70% of the time. But if I’m forced by someone’s idiocy to do a Don Rickles style burn 🔥 on them, watch out!

  2. Evil Blonde says:

    Nina Persson is a national treasure! She is also such a good sport to participate in this super weird exercise.

    • Lino Aulin says:

      I live in Malmö. Its not very big with around 300 000 ppl and i have seen Nina Person a few times… The center of Malmö where the fun stuff happens isnt that big

    • Jenny Anydots says:

      @Luke Fabis You don’t talk to me like that boy!! I’ll kidnap your pets and sell them to china son!

    • Luke Fabis says:

      @Jenny Anydots Who pissed in your Cheerios?

    • James Graves says:

      You say that, but what about the poor bugger that has to EMPTY that garbage can? I mean, that talking no-no can is full of YEARS of therapy! #JohnOliverAndNinaPersson hate sanitation workers

    • renzuki says:

      @Jenny Anydots That’s really not how anything works. You interpret whatever the you want into premises you have without any substance. And you present your random interpretations as if they were logically or factually conclusive, when it fact they are just your feelings/opinions. The only thing your entire parapgraph is transporting is intellectual arrogance. Both logically and factually it really doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

      Just a sample: They employed big stars in other shows. Was then the audience entirely different, less gullible ? Didn’t appreciate the feeling of “small and custom” ?
      The answer is no. And it’s no because your premise has no substance.

  3. Sandra B says:

    The absolute shock of having Malmö mentioned by John Oliver first thing in the morning is real

  4. Cloud says:

    I’m glad the demon baby arc came to such a satisfying end. All loose ends wrapped up in a bow just in time for Christmas. John never disappoints.

  5. Jacob O says:

    The fact this show gets so many people to play along is amazing.

  6. Ruel Arila says:

    From the sewage plant in Danbury, to the recycling center in Australia, and now a trash bin in Malmo. The John Oliver Cinematic Trash Disposal Universe just keeps on expanding. So excited for the next installment.

  7. D. L. says:

    I cannot describe how much I love this show. I don’t even understand how you get me every time. Pure gold.

  8. jess Coleman says:

    Living in Sweden…. That was the most fantastic episode I think John has done in a long time!!! Thank you for my morning dose of ridiculousless joy in our dark months! 🥰🤣

  9. Ana says:

    This actually brought me out of depression for a little bit and made me genuinely laugh. Thank you.

    • Rusty Heyman says:


    • J u a n i t o says:

      Think about it, being sad is unsustainable emotionally and physically. Might as well invite positive things in your life even if it feels like you’re forcing it in the beginning. Eventually happiness will come in your way because of the many things that makes you feel good you’ve attained on a day to day basis.

    • Eileen Heath says:

      Then this will make you smile – there’s more dolls. The island was infested with them. I guess ones of the hurricanes cleared them out but … yeesh so many damn dolls. The dolls will return, looking for their fallen brethren. And we’ll get a video soon of John saying “Please stop sending me these demon dolls. I am begging you.”

    • Carol Morris says:

      … 😢🌹😢

    • Dubby says:

      I hope your life improves, stranger!

  10. No J says:

    Outstanding story, John. You’ve outdone yourself again. I live in Tokyo where there used to be garbage cans all over the place until too many people started to use them to dispose of their household garbage, causing them to overflow. Now even parks don’t have garbage cans, only signs that say that you should take your rubbish home with you.🤣

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