Trash Makeover | Ep. 2 | Afterlife Minecraft SMP

Trash Makeover | Ep. 2 | Afterlife Minecraft SMP

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Welcome to Afterlife SMP, a new Minecraft SMP. A modded multiplayer
server with friends based around the Minecraft Origins Mod
You get 10 lives in Afterlife SMP and every time you respawn you’ll receive a new origin!

Due to a massive oversight on our part, we have accidentally named this series after an already existing long-running vanilla SMP called Afterlife SMP 😬 We know this could unfortunately cause some disruption to their server and for that we are extremely sorry.
However, I’ve had the joy of discovering a BUNCH of creators that are active on the original Afterlife SMP and here is a link so you too can check out the amazing stuff they’re doing over on Afterlife SMP:
p.s. please use #ALSMP to tag this SMP

SMajor –
fWhip –
GeminiTay –
Joey Graceffa –
Katherine Elizabeth –
Laurenzside –
LDShadowLady –
Mythical Sausage –
RIP Mika –
Seapeekay –
Shubble –
Smallishbeans –
Solidarity –
Strawburry17 –
TheOrionSound –


Check out Joel’s gaming channel:

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21 Responses

  1. Metal says:

    I always love the in-game interactions Lizzie has with Joel. They’re so wholesome :3

  2. yes says:

    It’s crazy how much time and effort you put into these videos. Huge respect. Keep up the work :3

  3. I post random things says:

    Idea: each level of your house should represent each life you’ve had like to change every time.

  4. Clockwork Kirlia says:

    Gasp! The series got even cuter! That Gem segment was absolutely *hilarious* also.

  5. Spade says:

    I have loved lizzie’s content since I was 9 and she has NEVER disappointed! Please keep doing what your doing, you have gotten me through so much and I appreciate everything you do<3

  6. ClaraJane Oberhauser says:

    I love how when Lizze is picking up Laurens trash she’s like “I cant read” then when she goes over to the next house she reads the sign no problem

  7. Tracie Gillis says:

    I love Joel and Lizzie’s interactions, they’re so cute and wholesome!

  8. AshyAvacado 17 says:

    “Rotten flesh, an emerald CHILDREN 11/10” I laughed so hard from this

  9. Vanessa's Flashlight🔦 says:

    I love how she only cares about the soul sand and not Joel’s life😂

    I also love when Joel only needed Lizzie to call him hot😂

  10. Angels Moon says:

    I’ve been watching Lizzie since I was 8 years old; now I’m 18. She continues to make me smile without a doubt!

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