TRASH or PASS! Joyner Lucas ft Will Smith ( Will Remix ) [REACTION!!!]

TRASH or PASS! Joyner Lucas ft Will Smith ( Will Remix ) [REACTION!!!]

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72 Responses

  1. LayedBakDFR says:

    Here’s the link to the Patreon for request and Merch discount 🔥🔥🤘🏽—>

  2. Onyx 365 says:

    When you’re so early there’s 1 view, 7 likes and the you see the only YouTube video with 0 dislikes

  3. Triscuit 1145 says:

    People forget Will is a rapper it’s just so amazing how Will can get on any track 😂

    • Rose says:

      @SpiritualDelima The track is a remix of Will by Joyner bruh? What? Of course its called Will. In the song he does brag and boast a little about his accomplishments but he pays homage to some of the greats that inspired him. Tellin people how he got to where he is. Cuz he didn’t back down from what he wanted to do even when everyone told him he’s corny and he shouldn’t do it. He goes on to give props to Joyner and saying Joyner’s son is going to he great as well. Don’t get me wrong Will isn’t an amazing lyrcist or anything but he makes some pretty decent tracks when he wants to. Cool af for him to hop on this track in the first place. Big ups to Will.

    • SpiritualDelima says:

      Rose 😂

    • King Bookah says:

      Even still most 80s rappers like him usually don’t come back because there out of style and can’t compete. To see Will Smith have a big verse who’s last good album that came out in the 90s is almost impossible.

    • SpiritualDelima says:

      King Bookah it’s impressive to say the least, but I doubt he really came back. More like a one time return because of the subject matter of the song. Maybe we will get lucky though and he will follow up with an album? Some light at the end of this coronavirus tunnel? Fingers crossed he get bored enough. He’s def got the time.

  4. 3sixty looking ass JAMMITY says:

    Bruh it’s insane because I remember listening to Joyner’s old songs and now this is sick

  5. Nick Swafford says:

    I can’t be the only one who says the intro with LayedBak

  6. Christian ChanceVlogs says:

    Heard this earlier today and shared on Facebook, the song was dope af, glad to see this reaction video

  7. Jessica N says:

    Joyner killed it then Will absolutely killed the remix. This is straight greatness!!

  8. Eric Miller says:

    Joyner did say he cried later that night. Dream come true for him. Legends

  9. A Kaufusi says:

    Whoever disliked this video has issues 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  10. Downsy says:

    That “Rest In Peace to James Avery” bar hit different 😢

  11. Lil Ray Reactionz says:

    I feel like Joyner reignited that flame for Will to step back in the booth, and spit flames. You can hear Will’s inspiration/enthusiasm in his delivery!

  12. Seff McBizzle says:

    Yo I died when LayedBak said “I’d cry- AND I’m about to”

  13. Jake Stewart says:

    I don’t see how anyone could dislike this song. Will still has bars for days.

    • TJ Longmoney says:

      @ItsThunder personally I think it’s the fact that Joyner just let Will spit for the whole song that makes it great, but it would be cool to get another Joyner verse

    • Michael Tran says:

      @ItsThunder Bro, it’s a Will remix. Theres the original song thats all Joyner

    • Matthew Stanley says:

      New kids these days probably. The kids be like who tf is will and what he done for rap even though will was the first rapper to make it to the Grammys making it more accepting by the outside world. Kids thinking pac and biggie overated, nick the next pac because suge said so, em fame was made by wHitEs, they dont know who Redman LL cool jay. The kids to day wont know how hard it was to get famous for rap no stream,not on TV, only popular in some majour city’s, only used to be use by one culture. People who like gerald the sweater who somehow won best rapper of the year, Gucci mane, mumble rap, and listening to lord jamar on the daily and telling evreyone they from the hood and noone listens to white rappers which is a blatant lie that’s who disliked WILL, these type of people hate oldheads.

    • Matthew Stanley says:

      It sucks that ppl do that honestly.

    • Cee Mims says:

      Matthew Stanley He was the first rapper to win a Grammy

  14. Seventh Trumpet Tattoos says:

    It’s so wild how will was joyners idol as a kid, he worked hard, and now they worked together. So wild

  15. Mario Ruiz says:

    I’ve never heard a Will Smith verse like this. This goes to show that inspiration goes both ways. The younger generation can inspire the older gen. too. Will is by no means my favorite rapper lol, but he is my favorite actor and he’s one of the best entertainers of all time. Joyner is an awesome rapper and this level of respect and love is what we should all strive to achieve. Bravo.

  16. Pickle Rick says:

    The moment depicted for James Avery had to be the single most powerful moment I’ve ever seen on a sitcom.

  17. Jean Vieira says:

    What’s great about Will is that he’s old school rapping in today’s style. That’s legendary

  18. JayAich says:

    Once this quarantine bs is over Joyner and Will should do a music video on this song

  19. Jiren says:

    “Brick by brick, building a wall that no one can break”

    Trump: I felt that

  20. Robin A says:

    This track was basically like Let Nas down by J Cole and Nas’ response.

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