TRASH or PASS! NF ( Hope ) [REACTION!!!]

TRASH or PASS! NF ( Hope ) [REACTION!!!]

#FireSquad #TrashorPass


Original Video: NF ( Hope )

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43 Responses

    • Declan Snyder says:

      yo, u should do a reaction for J.I the prince of New York- Hood scars 2. You would really like that song. Got some self motivation in it! i would love to see you react to it! ive been watching you since 2020! Keep up the hard work and i take a lot of pride in you for what you say abou sself love, because i use it for my basketball carreer. I was called by God to be in the NBA, n just what you say gives me more hope and motivation to keep pushing to get their man.

    • The48thHawk says:

      ​@Corrupted Lightning why would he need to do that?

    • KATASTROPHE69S says:

      Can you react to PROF feat Readman Pack a Lunch?

    • Ayden Jones says:

      @AeroDog eh

    • AeroDog says:

      @Ayden Jones  he was a bigger man and dropped it but i still see dax as a clout chaser

  1. Ryan Randolph says:

    He’s searched for hope for so long but now he’s found it, he doesn’t know which way to go because he’s lived his entire life without it. Insane.

    • SuperDan1006 says:

      “I’m looking for the map to hope, you seen it?”

    • mr._baum says:

      I hope he finds a good melody and beat that doesn’t hurt my ears next time too!

    • Astreaus007 says:

      @#1 NF Fan it’s supposed to be real music he said he went through a mental break down and got help and that’s why he’s found hope it’s a newer thing

    • Veronica Decker says:

      100%. I’ve had to explain to people thay my normal state of mind is hypersensitive and aware. If I tame meds and it shuts that off, I don’t know how to live like that. I have to learn how to, takes time to do. They don’t like giving you time to change. You gotta take it

    • WhiteVipor says:

      Hope is taking over. It’s in charge now

  2. Shadow Wilson says:

    NF never disappoint!

  3. Jared Jeffers says:

    This was absolute fire!!! Being with NF throughout his whole journey is about to pay off big time. As an optimist and empath, it hurts when I see others struggle, but this song got me in my joyous feels. I LOVE seeing when others find their way out of the pain and darkness. He chose forgiveness, he chose hope. Knowing NF is a Christ follower, he chose Christ! Also, the venom concept at the end of this song was incredible and gave a great depiction of Nates dark side fighting with his new found, HOPE!

  4. Ashley Chandler says:

    He’s grown so much! He finally found the map to hope!!! All of this is so symbolized perfectly!! I love that he uses his past songs. Ugh!!! I can’t wait for April 7th, his album!!

  5. JEKINX says:

    Idk if you noticed. The song that played when he dropped in THE MANSION was actually “Mansion”. Also the “What’s my definition of success? Listening to what my heart says” line is a throwback to “WHY” when he asks himself the same question but giving him the opposite answer. In THE SEARCH there is a line where he say “I’m looking for the map to hope” infact in this song/album called HOPE he has a MAP. Plus the guy in the cage is the dude from “Let You Down” in the cage of “Outcast”. Plus many more things we have to discover. I prolly missed something during this comment, in case let me know

    • ꧁ EMPERÕR'$ TV꧂ says:

      ​@JEKINXoh my god this nigga is a genius😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤔🤔

    • Bethel says:

      Also intro 3 with the last bit

    • B3hindU says:

      @Stephen B Did you just say album 4

      “Fame called me, I’m like, “How you doin’?”
      Hung up on him, I ain’t ready for it
      I’ll get back to that when I make album four”
      – No Name

      Anyone wanna ask him in the comments of HOPE?

    • JEKINX says:

      @Wyatt Meggs yea, I didn’t mentioned that because i thought it was way too obvious

    • Wyatt Meggs says:

      His mouth during the outro flashed from normal to painted, his unpainted mouth when hes speaking symbolizes his newfound hope, and the painted mouth symbolizes the past he can’t let go of. oh yeah and the veins in his neck too I guess. you can see this clearly from 8:45 – 8:49 in this video.

  6. SeanB1009 says:

    Its good to see NF back after so long

  7. J. D. says:

    This man just gets better and better. The metaphors, the callbacks are just insane. It truly rewards those that have followed his songs and videos from the beginning. PURE GENIUS. The 🐐.

  8. XIII says:

    This song truly hit me man. I’ve been so depressed, angry, and in pain for years slowly growing but not enough. I finally took a leap and even got back on my medication and found hope in myself then he drops this… like man him and I really on the same journey and I feel this on such a deep level not just for myself but my wife, my sister, and my mom who are always there. NF hits me the same as LayedBack fr. He just resonates what you want or need deep inside.

  9. Ron Savoy says:

    It was the shades of Dark NF at the end trying to take control that pushed this to S-Tier. That man owns duality better than any other artist.

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