Traveling to the “Worst” Country in Europe

Traveling to the “Worst” Country in Europe

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To see whether the internet had any truth in calling this country the worst in Europe… We decided to travel to it and spend 3 days exploring in the search for a spontaneous and immersive experience. With no plan, it truly could not have ended up better than this 🙂

Special Thank You to Nathan from the channel for letting us use the cover of “Married Life” at the end of the video, check out his channel for more beautiful covers and guitar lessons

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34 Responses

  1. Yes Theory says:

    Hi friends 🙂 we’ve already called Mikhail a few times since we left! He even found someone who could FaceTime us because he wanted to see our faces. The man truly is a problem solver! On a personal note, I was scared to take on so much travel without Ammar as he’s working on our big Iceman of Antarctica documentary, so I’m really grateful for all the amazing support I’ve felt behind all of these recent stories whether through watching, commenting, liking the videos or going as far as repping Seek Discomfort clothing, it is all appreciated. Much love to you all and see you in September once we’re back from break!! 💕

    • Rishabh Kansal says:

      Bro ur carrying the channel too hard for now. Eric and Tommy have been really great as well (make me miss Matt just a little bit less). Really excited for Project Iceman though, can’t wait to see you with Ammar again soon.

    • blksoltheory says:

      Did Mikhail get to meet grandma & see what was in his envelope? 😇😭🙏🏽

    • 4NN13 H says:

      I need to see Mikhail again in another video. He is the best possible advertisement for what is clearly an awesome nation, but I feel like he’d be at home anywhere. Just such a beautiful heart. Maybe he’d like to visit Paris?

    • Saranghaja! ⭐ says:

      You guys are the sweetest for staying in contact. He was probably missing you already 🤍

    • Malena Queen says:

      Starting to watch this episode, I had that thought that Yes Theory are really a God send phenomenon! I truly believe that God is protecting you guys and Mikhail’s words “God wanted me to be with you!” only confirmed my strong intuition 💕💕💕
      I love you all! Have a great holiday! We will be waiting for you all 💗

  2. Eric Tabach says:

    I’m so excited about this video! I will remember this trip for the rest of my life. I now have a new grandpa in Moldova and hope Mikhail inspires all of you to live a more spontaneous and free life. Cheers to Mikhail, our crazy Moldovan Grandpa.

    • Craig Noyes says:

      @Eric Tabach He called you?? That’s so sweet, you guys have probably showed him more love and family and friendship and then he’s used to and somehow you guys touched him how was he doing? did he seem good spirits?

    • Craig Noyes says:

      What an amazing thing to happen on your birthday Mikhail looked like so much fun I am so glad you got to meet him and from the looks of it he got to meet you, you guys are amazing at your site not just for the things you do for people but the way you treat them and just listen to someone else telling a story and you get to listen…

    • bensdying says:

      I need to get out of my city lol.

    • Sevastjan Gretsits says:

      I love how you actually told grandpa everyone came from Switzerland. I can understand Швейцария and Швеция, are very similar, but that was funny 😄

    • Laura Elise says:

      @Eric Tabach time to visit Moldova again in the future! 😃

  3. Oh Rabah says:

    This is what life is all about. I wish the best for Grandpa. I didn’t know how attached I’d get to him after a 30 min video. Very wholesome. A place may seem like it’s not a good place to travel to or visit, but it’s not all about the destination, it’s mostly about who you’re exploring with and cherishing those everlasting memories. That’s what’s important. I can tell you made Grandpas life. Universe works in mysterious ways and it couldn’t have been more perfect watching this through your eyes. Thank you for the experience from YouTube my friends. 💙

  4. zollotech says:

    Such a great experience and Mikhail made that whole trip incredible. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Staffan Taylor says:

    Happy to have met the coolest Grandpa ever! Mikhail is one of the most protective, caring, and authentic people I ever met!! Keep spreading love Yes Fam, and thanks for letting me join this adventure which I will always remember! ❤

  6. BigBeauBrown says:

    “We are not just humans, we are humane” What a beautiful human Grandpa is! Amazing video guys!

  7. Bulb in A Box says:

    Guys, I broke into tears. Thank you for showing my country in such a positive and cheerful light, it means a lot to us, the Moldovan people. It is so humbling to see you enjoying the simple life here and of course, Mihail is the star of everything (and I am not surprised a bit)


      Hey if you are from Moldova and live nearby grandpa mikhail please do pay him a visit if possible. I wish I was from your country too or if i could afford to pay visit to your beautiful country and meet grandpa mikhail .

  8. Schnoogans McDuff says:

    You guys have this strange ability of finding the most special people. What a great episode.

    • Marc Sherwood says:

      @Your Mate Dyl one more reply 🙂 what is the title of the book you are reading?

    • Marc Sherwood says:

      @Your Mate Dyl I’l spent my early years in customer support, and then in to enterprise sales. I’ve always found that trying to make a connection, at some level, with those you interact with just makes life better.

    • Marc Sherwood says:

      @Your Mate Dyl I’ve had friends ask how I end up in conversations with so many people in any place. In my mind we are all moving about trying to be happy in this world and most people are happy to have a chat. Everyone has a story, and I just love to hear them.
      I’ve tried to reach my kids that you should always try to make one person a day smile. Not only can it be good for the person who smiles, but it can also fill you with something positive.

    • Your Mate Dyl says:

      @Marc Sherwood I don’t mean to get Religious or anything, but i’m reading a book by the Dalai Lama and he says that we are SURROUNDED by people like this in our everyday lives. When you have an open heart and approach people with compassion and empathy, you can meet some truly wonderful people every day. I feel like this is what the world is severely lacking at the moment.

    • Marc Sherwood says:

      When you go out wanting and willing to find good people this happens. I used to travel around the world with a like minded collogue years ago. We often ended up meeting some of the most amazing people, and proper local experiences by just being open. From Budapest, Athens to Berlin we ended up meeting people that we connected with and changed our lives. I miss that type of travel now.

      Even now when I travel with my family they have become used to me meeting people in odd places, and then us adjusting our plans to do something unexpected.

      The Yes Theory team keeps this alive in me while I watch the content.

  9. Madalina Mazur says:

    Instantly knew that this would be my country when i saw the title. I have wanted Yes Theory to visit here and see the beauty it has to offer for years and I’m glad to see it become a reality.

    Hearing the airport music and seeing all the familiar places makes me so nostalgic and seeing you guys enjoy my country has brought me to happy tears. Thank you.

    Edit: The way grandpa takes you to the airport and stays with you til the last moment also reminds me of my grandparents waving me away and shedding tears at the gate.

  10. kraig Kir says:

    For a guy that lost his whole family and takes in 3 strangers like his own he is so wholesome I wish the best years for him

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