Travis Barker’s Recovery From Near Fatal Plane Crash | Joe Rogan

Travis Barker’s Recovery From Near Fatal Plane Crash | Joe Rogan

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1239 w/Travis Barker:

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  1. Yisroel Brownstein says:

    I was a survivor of flight 232, and it was a brutal comeback. Still a struggle…

    • Freud Madebetter says:

      Bogs Binny I’ll never let go Jack

    • Freud Madebetter says:

      Braxton Hawkins on Xbox

    • Yisroel Brownstein says:

      I see that some people are wondering what link they should use. I specifically use my name in all of the forums that I choose to participate in, because all you will ever need to do is Google my name. It will come up. My 1st name is common within my culture and religion, and some with similar last names as well. It is kind of easy to differentiate Though, because I am the individual who comes up on Google as a doctor of psychology , and all of the MCI’s ( Multiple Casualty incidences ) that I have experienced. Anyone can reach out to me as well if you want to, just to discuss trauma related experiences. It is helpful, and in some cases life saving. Having been through, all Of my personal experiences, I can tell you, both as a doctor of psychology, as well as a survivor of The traumatic experiences, that talking about it with the right people, in the right way, for the right reasons, at the right time (never being forced) You will gain something positive & therapeutic. For some it might just be the action that helps you take that very 1st step toward The healing process. No one will ever be the same, after experiencing a severe traumatic event. Especially those who experience severe compact PTSD. BUT there are healthy ways to cope, and enjoy life. I personally gained a tremendous amount in my Teenage years, which propelled me forward into a phenomenal life. BUT I slipped up The tiniest bit, by not seeing a therapist for about a year or 2, after being in therapy most of my life, and I literally took a horrific dive, and placed myself in a situation that changed my life, negatively, in many ways. I was more mature at 18 through 25, then I am now. I literally just made what would seem to be a small mistake, but it came with huge consequences.
      I offer this experience to anybody who is struggling, and I implore you to get the best & most efficient/effective help, that any PARTICULAR INDIVIDUAL might need. It is DIFFERENT FOR EVERYBODY. I am commenting on this particular component, because I don’t want to make it seem like what was good for me, is what’s good for all. I do not believe that each and every individual needs the same help as another. Rather, to seek out whatever is therapeutic for you personally, and eventually get the particular help that the one personally needs. To cope with a life riddled with physical, emotional, and psychological Issues.

      Once again Peace & Love to all!

    • Sentient Thundertank says:

      Stay strong brother, if you can beat that nothing can stop you.

    • Dylan MacKinnon says:

      i survived walking barefoot in the lego factory, ive never been the same…

  2. aceinc2 says:

    Joe “no weed for 10 years?!” Rogan

  3. Jo Po says:

    His recovery from that brutal plane crash is phenomenal, and extremely impressive. You can tell he now appreciates all the small things.

  4. danz beard says:

    Doctors and pharmaceutical companies are atrocious [this is pertaining to the issue of drugs]

    • Max Meier says:

      dont send your kid to the er when she has trouble breathing then.

    • Max Meier says:

      +danz beard millions of lives are saved every day by doctors and meds. you are just one more ignorant dummy who has no education but wants to have the scoop on things.

    • danz beard says:

      smh. hahah ignorance is bliss on your part. #sheep @max meier

    • Isaiah says:

      +Max Meier I think its you who have no idea what you are talking about.. yes million of lives are saved daily.. that’s not the issue here. the issue is big pharma being in the pocket of the Drs. its no secret dr have been prescribing things you don’t need only for the kick back of the pharmacy company. that’s why the opioid epidemic is an epidemic. greed..

    • Zack Amig says:

      What a dumb comment. The good vastly outweighs the bad my friend. It’s clear you have zero experience in either field

  5. Mike Greer says:

    If you’re not careful, doctors will put you on all kinds of meds you DON’T need.i know!

  6. TheGrandOptimist says:

    Up next is Mark Hoppus

  7. Maria Ford says:

    Those bipolar meds are no joke. I was on them for about 4 months, and I do not remember anything. I stopped taking them.

    • Chris Smith says:

      +Kent Clark it’s probably the result of being on a Cocktail of the drugs- if a person is only taking one or two medications at relatively low/moderate doses it WOULDN’T cause any memory loss

    • joanna prevost says:

      My husband was on them around 10 years ago. What a horrible year that was for our family, he just stopped living life and was a complete zombie. I’m glad he stopped taking that Shit. Got my husband and my best friend back. Those meds are poison.

    • WolfsH0ok says:

      so many women say they have bipolar
      bipolar is made up shit so drugs aint gonna help.
      Feminism is Bipolar because its all about emotions over logic.
      Change in lifestyle will fix bipolar

    • Sargon Face Saaad says:

      +WolfsH0ok Yep. So many people today live a lie and very unnatural. No wonder people feel bad and make up/think they have mental issues. My friend got mental illness when he was in his late 20’s and he got it triggered because of tons of weed and LSD, and he had it in his family history (schizophrenia). He hanged himself a few years after he got it. He got really weird said the trees talked to him, said i was the devil out to get him (and all friends of ours were all devils all of a sudden), he jumped off a cruiser ship in the middle of the night – in the middle of the ocean… It was in the newspaper back in the 90’s.

      Anyway, he got pills after they dragged him to psyche hospital and they locked the doors after him so he couldnt go home for a few days. He took the pills but stopped because they made him stop thinking. He couldnt think AT ALL it just was like a “beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep” of nothingness so he stopped taking them. I understand why he stopped but it resulted in him hanging himself because without the pills when you got a bad mental illness you will end up in a really bad place. Today sadly its “popular” to say you are mentally screwed, but again its because we live in an unnatural way. Women have gone away from men and the family and we have been together naturally since the dawn of mankind, and all of a sudden feminism tells women they are “happier” alone working all day and replace a loving man with a cat. Spoiler alert, every result of happiness research that has been researched for decades show women get less and less happy. Same with men obviously. Indication that we arent doing it right. We were all much happier decades ago – both men AND women. The time when things were natural and not confusing and dumb like today: “men can have periods too!”. No, they cant. Stop fucking confusing kids you fucking morons!

    • Matt G says:

      Are they really that bad? Wow that’s frightening!

  8. Alec Williamson says:

    Joe “I’m not a doctor but…” Rogan

  9. Geneius33 1 says:

    Serious struggle to get off drugs and make yourself better especially in the face of a traumatic experience. Good for him.

  10. Mr. Josh says:

    It sounds like they were trying to condition him into believing he really needed those meds in order to not be crazy. Sounds evil. Also sounds like something hollywood would do with their celeberities.

    • Jigs87 Merts says:

      +Joshua Bartlett fuckin’ right it is .

    • Christopher McConville says:

      triplesix No. Travis said he was swinging fists at the Drs and had no idea what had really happened and wanted to kill himself… put him on mood stabilisers (the bipolar drugs) makes 100% sense. It’s not some “big pharma” conspiracy. The guy was just losing the plot. It’s good that he was fine without them tho.

    • triplesix says:

      +Christopher McConville oh im sorry i didnt know that you were the doctor that was there at that very moment.

    • Christopher McConville says:

      triplesix Not being rude but I bet you couldn’t even tell me some basic things about the pharma industry but yet you’ll go and get on the ban wagon with conspiracies etc.

      Btw, the majority of psychiatric drugs are great, very efficacious and generally safe. The problem is that you only hear about the ppl that didn’t need them or had a bad reaction etc. You don’t ever hear about the patients that’s they’ve worked brilliantly for, who can now return to being normal functioning individuals in society because they’re all good now and don’t have anything to complain about on the internet with “big pharma”. They just get on with their lives

    • Christopher McConville says:

      triplesix Travis says it himself in the video!!!! Wtf watch the video

  11. Robert Jameson says:

    It blows Joe’s 50 year old adult brain that somebody hasn’t done drugs in 10 years.

    • joe gascoigne says:

      Steven Gonzalez if u don’t need it and u take it for the benefits it provides it’s a drug

    • Rokan za says:

      Joe is a fucking idiot when it comes to weed

    • Steven Gonzalez says:

      +joe gascoigne lmfao sooo short sighted. Go play fortnite kido.

    • Brian Taylor says:

      Max Meier rare for an adult male? Maybe in Dothan, AL

    • Jacob Ross says:

      Steven Gonzalez weed is a drug anyone who says otherwise is an idiot I had to smoke weed for over 7 years from when I was 15 til I was 23 almost everyday. If I didn’t have it I was a mess I couldn’t find fun in anything and the smallest shit would piss me off or give me anxiety after a week sober I realized it was getting better so I just quit and after about a month I had no more cravings. Weed can be good once in a blue moon but it’s not something that should be taken everyday like most people do it

  12. Krit indica says:

    Joe “im not a doctor” Rogan

  13. Eddie Welter says:

    One of the most real people out there!

  14. Dee Tee says:

    Im pretty good with pain. “How about eddibles?” ?

  15. gamebred26 says:

    Travis seems like a cool cat.

  16. Djuro Vukotic says:

    Well I almost lost my mom, actually I did lose my mom to these kind of pills. Her entire life she had struggled working and rebuilding herself after the war in Yugoslavia, here in Denmark. I know of no women that has endured more suffering then her and yet still had the capability to build a family and future for me and my sister. There came a point in her life where she injured her back and kinda fell into a depression. I guess for her not being able to work (cuz that is what her life always had been) was kinda tough for her. The doctors decided to put her on these kinds of anti-depressent drugs that turned my mom into a mere zombie. Within a short period of time I lost my mom, and I was suddenly along with my sister left for ourselves. The drugs made her have no emotions, she had no feelings, and would sit staring into a wall for most part of the day. People would tell me how sorry they were for me, as they saw her walk the streets like a ghost. This lasted for about 8 years and became worse when they wanted to treat those symptoms with more drugs, that eventually made things worse. So i did lose my mom.
    At the age of 23 i developed cancer and had been miss-diagnosed for about a 1 year, allowing the cancer to spread into my body. During this time I finally gathered the courage to convince my mom to face the darkness that she would meet once she stopped the pills. I told her, that I needed mom my back, because I would not survive my own disease without the help of my mother. Short story, was that my mom helped me recover through cancer treatment and has recovered herself. She is now once again the loving humanbeing that sees other people before herself, helping where she can and always trying to do her best to leave this planet a better place. As for me, i am lucky enough to still be able to sit here and write this message, for that I am thankful. – I would advice people to meet the darkness full force, instead of avoiding it, the darkness is the best molder in life, if one is to surpace the pain that it brings, it is life changeing. I eventually also came to understand that the darkness we meet is ourselves, and a reflection of our own thoughts and ego.

    • Jared F says:

      Yo salute to you my brother i hope alot of people read this and it maybe changes atleast 1 fucker lol wish ya nothing but the best bud ??

    • Gx Qx says:

      +Mr Yikes yikes. Just keep loving her dude; you only have 1 mom while you’re here so let her know you love her. Even if she cant show that she does you, too.

    • ChopStickZero says:

      that is amazing, i am really happy for you 🙂

    • deemedforu says:

      Wow I appreciate, as I’m sure we all do, that story and I’m glad you have your mom back.

      I’m a roofer and I’ve injured my back recently and had to take time off work. Not only did I gain weight but I started feeling lonely and useless which instigated an episode of depression. Without hearing your advice first, I ran everyday and went to the park for exercise which eventually pulled me out of my mental rut. Darkness truly is the ultimate molder. Fear nothing and nosedive into the dark

    • Djuro Vukotic says:

      deemedforu there is this saying, embrace the weakness. A painter that made these beautiful lines, he was very well known for the style of perfect lines that flowed. Until he developed a neurological disease that made his hands shake, at first he gave up and was drowned in the darkness. But there came a point and he embraced his handicap, the shaking became what he was known for. Instead of seeing all doors closed, he saw new doors open.
      I am happy that you found be positive in the negative

  17. Yiṣḥāq David says:

    Travis is such a good human.

  18. Ben Dagostino says:

    Havent watched yet, but has Joe asked him if he’s tried DMT?

  19. Jordan says:

    love this dude… what a absolute BAD MOTHERFUCKER and such a beast of a drummer and musician. loved this podcast he’s been a life long idol of mine, glad to hear him on here.

  20. Justin dobbs says:

    Joe “weed could’ve cured your burn wounds” Rogan.

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