TRAVIS HUNTER AND THE BUFF’S HOME OPENER!! (Colorado vs. Nebraska Rivalry Game)

TRAVIS HUNTER AND THE BUFF’S HOME OPENER!! (Colorado vs. Nebraska Rivalry Game)

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29 Responses

  1. CammyMuffins says:

    played along side Travis at Collins Hill and words cannot express how much of a good person and inspirational talent that he is

  2. Mark Johnson says:

    Dang Travis, Nebraska didn’t even let you play! They avoided your whole side -Then double teamed you practically the whole game. I’m glad your teammates took advantage of it!

  3. william fox says:

    I love the way that CU competes. It appears the players are having a great time. They will improve every week and win the PAC 12.

  4. Esai Givens says:

    keep stacking em 🔥

  5. Tyree k. says:

    Hunter telling Dawson to chill and relax after scoring is the little shit we dont see enough! W on Travis part for telling him not to let the moment control him. As it led to another TD!

  6. Layla Mitchell says:

    Man I’m telling you Travis is something else ❤

  7. Larry Young says:

    So for Travis, you are the only one that has the best footage behind the scenes and during the game. Thank you for letting us in on how you get ready for the game.👏🏾

  8. Sade Reacts says:

    This was an awesome video Travis! Whomever records for you did an amazing job editing and everything!! You did your thing out there! Can’t wait to see the next one!

  9. Kay D🦅 says:

    Love the way this team and player embrace showing the people the behind the scenes of being a college player

  10. Fiya_King says:

    Bro your energy and spirit is so pure and contagious. Never lose that joy and love for life my friend. So dope that you show your boys highlights on your page and promote them while you’re doing your thing. You’re gonna be a star. Not only on the field but off the field in life. I hope my kids have that spirit that you carry. You’re a special kid.

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