Travis Scott – CAN’T SAY

Travis Scott – CAN’T SAY

Directed by Nathalie Canguilhem
Produced by Saint Laurent
All clothes Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello

CAN’T SAY feat. Don Toliver

Travis Scott online:

Epic / Cactus Jack
(c) 2019 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Cactus Jack and Grand Hustle.

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73 Responses

  1. David Lopez says:

    It’s Not A Song It’s A Vibe

  2. Gfgugf rryurryu says:

    This dude makes movies for his music vid??

  3. Hip Hop dood says:

    Sicko mode comment section is ruined now we hide here

  4. ASTRO. says:

    imagine how insane a 5% TINT music video would be

  5. Wazzy says:

    Here Before 1M ?☇?

  6. Lloyd says:

    Don toliver had the best featured verse on the whole album, fight me

  7. Little Bart says:

    Director: “what effects do you want”
    Travis: “you know me”
    Director: _”oh hell nah, not this time”_

  8. Roman Rosado says:

    Amazing VIDEO and AMAZING SONG

  9. Lachie Young says:

    don is way better than travis in this song no cap

  10. D Instro says:

    Don T really makes this song bang

  11. Dominique Wilis says:


  12. Hasu Kay says:

    so we all gon ignore the fact this guy tryna be Jesus?

  13. TheVaultDweller f says:

    1:16 I get goosebumps everytime from this

  14. Ghetto Bird says:

    I showed this to my fat brother

    He’s still fat but he said he liked the song

  15. oscarloo2 says:

    Best melodic hooks? ?
    Travis Scott – Can‘t say *LIKE*
    MC Smook – My Boo *COMMENT*

  16. Saharabeats says:

    Idk what it is about this song but it’s the one I play the most from the whole album

  17. MΛY TRIX says:

    Do WAKE UP next or SKELETONS

  18. Cihan Turhan says:

    Trends muss sein

  19. manny says:

    I still think that Don Tolliver had the best feature on the album

  20. CrazyPlaZma says:

    Only real G’s know this is prolly the best song on the album

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