Travis Scott – Utopia ALBUM REVIEW

Travis Scott – Utopia ALBUM REVIEW


Travis offers some dark and diverse ear candy on Utopia.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?

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48 Responses

  1. Andrew Collings says:

    Glad you finally gave him the 10 he deserves

  2. Gabriel S says:

    If it was called “To Pimp a Utopia” he would’ve given it a 10/10

  3. JammerXForce says:

    absolutely love this album, im also super glad travis didn’t just make an astroworld 2

  4. leo says:

    i think utopia is a step ahead of astroworld, it has low points but the continuous switch of sound in the album gives a hyper original and very high level tone to the album

    • TheeGreenOne says:

      It’s far more consistent than Astroworld, but doesn’t quite reach the same heights imo

    • MC_88 says:

      ​@TheeGreenOneI’d say that Astroworld had higher highs, but Utopia has higher lows. Nothing on it is WHO? WHAT? or YOSEMITE levels of “meh” for me. I think it’s way too early to say if Utopia is better or worse than Astro, I think we need a lot more time to ruminate
      (Edited for clarity)

    • Max says:

      @MC_88yea Astroworld was peak let’s be honest here

    • Brandon The Loner says:

      @MC_88 ⁠WHO WHAT? And YOSEMITE was so mid. Calling them “highs” of the album is crazy.

    • MC_88 says:

      @Brandon The Loner I was not calling them highs, I was in fact calling them the low points. That’s on me for the ambiguity, I’ll make an edit

  5. Lucy Lucy Taylor says:

    Come on Fantano , If it was named “Kids see Utopia” you would’ve given it a 10 / 10 .

  6. The Expertracer6 says:

    This album is so interesting in that it’s more than the sum of its parts. The consistent production feel and vocal performances go a long way in creating an atmosphere that really lends itself to a good album experience, even if I’m not taking a lot of songs by themselves from this project. Don’t see a lot of album focused experiences from big time artists, shout-out to Travis for that.

  7. Snnpaii says:

    Really nice of you giving your first 11/10 to Travis Scott Anthony!

  8. Eric Harris says:

    I often felt that crossfading tracks and looping beats together was a cheat code for cohesion and on this album I’m super impressed he strayed from that and decided to create all original diverse songs that somehow all fit within the same soundstage. I feel like the song SKITZO is a testament to the album itself.
    I think this album is his best work since Rodeo.

  9. Sam Ellsworth says:

    i like this project a lot for the risks it takes, even if not all of them succeed. id love to hear travis come into some more personal topics lyrically like he did on rodeo on the next record. i also hope the next record comes at a time where a kanye feature is more appropriate , if it ever will be

    • Abel”TheWeekday”Fantano says:

      One of the things holding Travis back from being on Kanye’s level is the lack of personality or emotional performances like a Jesus Lord, Come to life, Family Business, Bound 2, or Hey Mama. That and also Kanye is probably a bit more forward thinking. There was a bit of forward thinking and uniqueness found in tracks like Lost Forever, Hyaena, and My Eyes, but a decent portion of the album is definitely Kanye “inspired.”

    • Sam Ellsworth says:

      @Abel”TheWeekday”Fantano i agree i think kanye overall has more inspiration and things to write about then travis atm. i think trav will come into some type of focus, or maybe something significant will happen to him personally that will give him the kanye inspiration

    • Abel”TheWeekday”Fantano says:

      @Sam Ellsworth I also forgot to mention I think Modern Jam is pretty forward thinking and risky, it takes an old school beat and flow, and adds very modern musical elements to it (hence the name Modern Jam) and the structure (or lack of structure) of the song is very weird but I really like it.

    • Bulletheat4u says:

      @samellsworth9498 what more could happen to him though? I wouldn’t expect him to talk about his rise to stardom because that was already touched upon in rodeo. The astrofest tragedy happened (yea I know he briefly talked about it), he’s had issues with Kylie, and he’s raised a daughter. But he didn’t really discuss these things – and it’s fine with me if he doesn’t wanna get personal. But in that case he could’ve at least described the concept of a “utopia” or better explained what utopia meant to him in the album. There could’ve been more of a narrative lyrically speaking.

      even though it sounds like im shitting on travis I really like this project. It’s just that if he already has great production, great vision, and a ton of resources, why not improve your lyrics and take your music to the next level?

  10. JammerXForce says:

    thank you for the modern jam love, been seeing WAY too much slander for it online😤😤

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