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In this segment of On Location, someone from the Coyote Pack will WIN some awesome treasure!

On their day off in Tucson, Arizona Coyote and the crew visit their favorite gem and fossil shop for a little treasure hunt. The goal being for Mark, Mario and Coyote to each pick their favorite artifact for the Coyote Pack vote which one is the coolest. Then, once the pack has spoken one lucky member will win that grand prize!

All you have to do to win is vote for your favorite treasure in the comments section below and add a little note on why you should be the winner.

So which treasure will be the grand prize?

Vote and find out via Coyote’s Facebook page on Friday May 12th 2017!

*The winning artifact and the winner of the contest will be chosen by Coyote Peterson himself, which will be announced on Coyote’s Facebook page, and the WINNER will also be contacted by Coyote via private message on youtube so make sure you are SUBSCRIBED to the Brave Wilderness channel and please check your inbox if you win!

Big thanks to Ron and Rich from Tucson Mineral and Gem World for hosting the crew and making this such a fun day off!

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20 Responses

  1. Nitrous XD says:

    I vote Mark

  2. cool Q ton says:

    I think Coyote’s has the best pick for the fans and me

  3. JoeytheBulldog says:

    coyote you are amazing and I think you won I think the statue wokn

  4. Clinton Logsdon says:

    Coyote Peterson will win

  5. IronWolf 86 says:

    next video can I get something

  6. August Todd says:

    I vote raptor limb bone!

  7. Jaime Deville says:

    I really liked the wooden coyote statue, it was very well made and kinda represents the channel and the subscribers.

  8. Superdud2002 says:

    I like the raptor limb but seing this store wher they sell genuine fosiles it’s amazing

  9. GrumpyGaby says:

    I loved the raptor limb from mark

  10. Ofer Tal says:

    Mark found the coolest prize

  11. Alehector R says:


  12. Yi-An Studenov says:

    velociraptor has to win its OP

  13. Andrew Hoag says:

    I totally vote for the stone coyote its awesome!!!!!

  14. Jazzy John says:

    I think that the velociraptor won for sure!

  15. Wolfy Chopper says:

    I like the coyote I loved the different color variations

  16. Aidan Rivera says:

    Coyote statue should win cause WE DA BEST

  17. True Reviews says:

    That stone coyote is pretty cool and my favorite!

  18. mellamosean says:

    The stone coyote! Go coyote pack!

    …all very cool, though.

  19. Ty Go says:

    raptor bone boss!! sorry coyote.

  20. karol .s says:

    Raptor limb is amazing all the way!!

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