Trevor Gets Caught in a Blackout – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Trevor Gets Caught in a Blackout – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Trevor got caught in a somewhat compromising position during the NYC blackout.

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58 Responses

  1. Kung-Fu Kenny Family says:

    It’s sounds like some mayor didn’t pay their light bill Lol

  2. Otherworldlytwo2nine says:

    Who all saw it coming before he said it!? ?????

    • Chas O.T.E says:

      As soon as he said “we were going to move a TV from one apartment to another during a blackout”, I immediately knew what kind of sitcom shenanigans would happen lol

    • Frieda A says:

      Not until the very end. All I was thinking about and waiting for Trevor to say they dropped the TV down the stairs…or worse…on their foot. Looting wasn’t any part of my thoughts.

    • Frieda A says:

      @Joe Sarr That was my only thought too. It’s so dangerous.

    • ainumahtar says:

      I honestly thought there’d be a neighbor spotting them while it was still dark when it’d be pretty hard to see who they were rather than noticing immediately it was their neighbors

    • Priscilla Jimenez says:


  3. Thereal Wicked13 says:

    Trevor was good choice to host the daily show really funny guy ??

    • lking1540 says:

      I like how he talks about world news, makes me feel better seeing that the rest of the world is just as messed up as america is.

    • Mohamed Hamzah Mohamed Osman says:

      He is a corporate bootlicker who take cheap shots at progressives who are trying to get everyone healthcare and get money out of politics.

    • Cool Name says:

      @Mohamed Hamzah Mohamed Osman If you don’t like it don’t watch it

    • Mohamed Hamzah Mohamed Osman says:

      @Cool Name
      This not a game nor a popularity contest we participated in every four year. Lives are on the line. Every few minutes someone eaither dies or goes bankrupt cause they couldn’t afford healthcare. People are cripple with debt. So excuse me for stressing the urgency of having a president who will fight for the most vulnerable in the comunity instead of another corporate bootlicker who will sit on his ass for 4 years and cave to every republican and corporate demand.

    • Cool Name says:

      @Mohamed Hamzah Mohamed Osman Trump sent 5000 troops to Iran and ordered to stop the command at the last second. This orange pussy grabber almost started ww3 and you’re telling me he’s trying to save lives?

  4. Edgar Cruz says:

    Everybody gangsta until the TV starts floating in the dark

  5. STH says:

    Only Trevor could take a moment filled with that much racial tension and turn it into a joke ??

    • Little Flower says:

      We laugh at our selves to keep us from crying. Sorry you are uncomfortable. If only the black experienced was different. He’ll be talking it too.

    • Eugene Shen says:

      To be fair, I think it would have been awkward for anyone of any race to be caught in a situation like that. I mean, who moves a large screen TV in the dark? But the undercurrent of race definitely exacerbated the situation and Trevor’s delivery was just *so* spot-on! 😀

    • Laenadur Laire says:

      If you think that moment is filled with racial tension please go out and see real people interacting with each other 😀

    • Ozzy Dowery says:

      Chappelle does a fine job of it also

  6. Rob Li says:

    Who started laughing soon as Trevor said 3 black guys moving a T.V. in the dark? LOL

  7. NxdblxD says:

    I can only imagine the adorable “caught” face Trevor had on when the lights came back

  8. King Kofstar says:

    ?Trevor is from Africa he is use to blackouts . It’s the norm back home ??

  9. InYour Face says:

    These Between The Scenes should be longer! I love how good he is at story telling. It’s almost like you are there too. ???

  10. InYour Face says:

    A 5 hour power outage in my city is never called a blackout. Just another regular day. ???

    • Jackline Karwitha says:

      Every African can relate…??representing kenya??.. sometimes its even 12 hours

    • Mwaka Mpundu says:

      Representing Zambia.. They started the 4 hour a day power cuts here. We even compete to see if we will finish cooking before the power goes.

    • Cari says:

      Here it’s called a “severe thunderstorm” ????

    • victor maphosa says:

      I’m from Zimbabwe. I *wish* power cuts only lasted 5 hours. Right now it’s 17 (SEVENTEEN!!!) hours black out with the power only coming on around 10pm

    • tolu idowu says:

      @victor maphosa It’s good you even know when yours will be restored, we don’t have such luxury in my country Nigeria.

  11. phthisis says:

    I think we now need a skit show where famous minorities do mundane things like moving furniture to see how many people STILL call the cops on them

  12. najiwa amir says:

    The same happened to me but I was eating my brother’s food and the light came on.

  13. Eric Ling says:

    Just sprinkle a little crack on them Johnson and let’s get out of here.

  14. shot Johnny says:

    3 black guys with a TV during a black-out… Yeah, I can’t imagine how that could be misconstrued ???

  15. Ephemeral Vapor says:

    No offense to the writers, but the between the scenes are often the best part of the show.

  16. Sunstarhaven says:

    Three Black People in a Blackout does sound like a setup for a joke XD

  17. Apple Fan Channel says:

    Don’t eat and watch Trevor Noah at the same time,
    Can’t stop laughing

  18. 707 NATION says:

    Trevor has kept up the daily show standard of excellence,Jon is a wise man!

  19. A Luta Continua says:

    In South Africa the power utility is called Eskom. So when we have power outages we call it Eishkom. Eish in South African slang is “how dumb”

  20. CableTelcontar says:

    Info wars news: Trevor Noah caught stealing TV during blackout

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