Trevor Noah COMPLETE REMARKS at 2022 White House Correspondents’ Dinner (C-SPAN)

Trevor Noah COMPLETE REMARKS at 2022 White House Correspondents’ Dinner (C-SPAN)

From C-SPAN coverage, Trevor Noah remarks at the 2022 White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

“I stood here tonight and I made fun of the President of the United State and I’m going to be fine.”

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30 Responses

  1. governor madea says:

    This was absolutely brilliant. He killed it. Went in on everyone but didn’t come across as mean.

    • Maargen Bx says:

      @Robmck Robmck You think it’s “kid gloves” because everyone laughed. In reality he’s hitting everyone pretty hard, he’s just also funny.

    • Maargen Bx says:

      @Steven Soto Comedy is funny until it targets you. Then it’s bullying. You can be a weak pushover and pretend to laugh along with the people bullying you, or you can stand up for yourself. What I find funny is how comedians get their panties in a bunch because “people can’t take a joke”, showing by their whining and crying that comedians can’t take criticism.

    • greenknightable says:

      A non stop pummeling that’s what I like 👍

    • missusri says:

      You did great Trevor; but I did manage to tear up some when you stated “I will be alright, right?”
      R lawmakers do support world leaders with really ruthless tendency and that makes me worry to the core.

    • Lou Prado says:

      @Koko Kat Tucker Carlson, is that you ?

  2. SA Doherty says:

    Stellar performance by Trevor. And that ending was killer, pure gold. He def brought it all home urging those in journalism to take this job seriously. Many cannot seek truth workout jeopardizing their lives. Do it responsibly because people are willing to enter war zones to get the story and yes–people die in the pursuit of truth. Fight for it! Pure excellence!! I loved this. Great job by Trevor!

  3. Michelle Mullins says:

    He CRUSHED it. Simply the only way to describe it. This dude says everything I wish I had thought of and so much more badass. He makes it look effortless.

  4. Mr. Nomer says:

    honestly ask yourself this question: If russian journalists, who are losing their livelihoods… and their freedom for daring to report on what their own government is doing… if they had the freedom to write any words, to show any stories, or to ask any questions…if they had basically what you have, would they be using it in the same way that you do?

  5. David Ogilvie says:

    Standing ovation says it all, well done Trevor, reminding us all that we are blessed with the power of free speech

    • liza french says:

      @Billy Yonet “Your bias is biased”
      That statement is so damn redundant.

      My bias is I don[‘t like trevor. The fact remains when people stand up and clap for you it shows their bias.

      Stop being distracted, we are talking about the audience that stood up and clapped, not me. Clapping shows bias.

      And why they heck did you even bring up race? Not everything has to with race. Does that not show your bias, or shows how YOU, view things through a racist lens?

    • Billy Yonet says:

      @liza french lol
      Your bias is biased.
      At the Oscars, people were in total shock.
      Everyone knows Will Smith is actually a very nice person, and after the smoke cleared, everyone acknowledged that for him to do what he did, was deeply out of the ordinary, and that he needs to get help for whatever is troubling him.
      For you to relate these two events shows your bias.
      You relate two standing ovations, because they are both black?
      Or are standing ovations now the new evil?

    • A S says:

      …..And the crowd goes mild

    • liza french says:

      @Billy Yonet yes i don’t like trevor. But back to my point a standing ovation only illustrates the bias of the audience. They liked him so much they stood up.

      What i don’t believe most people realize is that applauding in general is showing bias, as in the liked it, and that it is subjective. It is not proof of anything but a bias.

    • Billy Yonet says:

      @liza french this comment says so much about your bias.

  6. mindymmk says:

    I thought it would be hard to surpass comedy legends at this kind of an event, but Trevor Noah did it effortlessly. And to think he’s only 38yo


    Funny from beginning to end, “Please be careful leaving tonight. We all know this administration doesn’t handle evacuations well.” He killed it.

  8. Freyja Wired says:

    The ending made me cry.
    Very happy Trevor Noah was invited to give his remarks and shining humor to this event.

  9. Lisa Heal Yourself says:

    I thought that was a great and fair roast on all Sides. Professional. Funny. Not one sided. And mostly the ending hits home. TRUTH above all else— and the right to ask the questions that get us there.

  10. M. says:

    Such a legend. I admire his work and think he’s amazing anyway, but this deserves a whole new level of appreciation, respect and acknowledgement. Hats off!

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