Trevor Noah Is Lupita Nyong’o’s Son

Trevor Noah Is Lupita Nyong’o’s Son

Trevor Noah chats with Jimmy about the differences in heckling around the world, the almost inappropriate title he wanted for his Netflix special and how Lupita Nyong’o became his mom in the film adaptation of his memoir.

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Trevor Noah Is Lupita Nyong’o’s Son


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62 Responses

  1. Hamburgerschnack says:

    Now I know why there is no daily show from last night. 🙁 Miss you trev. :((((

  2. Shan Aslam says:

    Damn…Trevor Noah is lookin’ hella fresh in that 3 piece suit! Look at that handkerchief!

  3. TheMovieMyLife says:

    ‘You can do it Trevor!’ 😁

  4. ScarlettP says:

    Trevor deserves more than 30 mins on his show, his content is so good

  5. ScarlettP says:

    3:20 I just love how he said his mom is a beautiful black woman!

  6. SofieBruzelius says:

    Did he just say that he goes to Denmark (my home country) or Sweden when he has a free weekend! He better be telling the truth because I wanna meet him sooooo bad and that just upped my chances with 2000% 😱😍

  7. Aadhavan Sibi says:

    Trevor: Joke… Joke… Joke…
    Jimmy: Yeah yeah… That’s right… That’s what you do…

  8. Slaughter House 5 says:

    If I didn’t have dimples… I’d be jealous.

  9. Japnoor Kaur says:

    Sure as hell, Jimmy doesn’t know half of the things Trevor is sayin!

    • David Glover says:

      LOL was just about to say. looks like Trevor make jimmy hella nervous

    • Ek Sutto says:

      I have found Jimmy a bit awkward at the best of times – I think I’ve figured it out – he’s just a great fan of people – when you really like someone you want to impress them so I can relate to Jimmy fucking up ☺️

    • Znapaznarf says:

      His brain shut down because normally he laughs at things that aren’t funny.

  10. debbiedoodiedandi says:

    OK – Whoever picked out Trevor’s suit for this appearance deserves some recognition. He looks so sharp!

  11. Katarina D says:

    That is one fine suit Trevor. Trevor is the epitome of the outsiders point of view. He’s been so many places but he learns and compares to point out what should be obvious but we’re to close to see.

  12. Figs3 says:

    At 1:24 you can see Jimmy thinking, “Damn am I allowed to laugh at that?!”

  13. Mohit Shah says:

    That book deserves to be a movie. It’s beautiful

    • Ek Sutto says:

      I bursted with joy at hearing about his book being a movie – I have the audiobook which is just beautiful to listen too. Its such an amazing book with so many great inspiring moments

  14. Black Girl In Iran ! says:

    Jimmy & his audience are sooo dry! 🙄…lol it’s like the didn’t know when to laugh, clap, or be excited. *_But Trevor, you’re looking scrumptious my dear_* 😋

  15. tyrone loki says:

    Lupita: Hello Trevor, i wanna be your mom
    Trevor: okay……can i be your daddy?

  16. Mulisa Museri says:

    I’m digging the suit, it says I’m balling😍😍

  17. C. LANDIS says:

    the hilariousness in how uncomfortable jimmy was about the getting black people back on the boat…haha he starts touching his face

  18. tishtash321 says:

    God damn he’s so fine! And that suit 😍🔥

  19. Rob Sorbo says:

    Jimmy’s like “I’m not going to say anything racist…I’m not going to say anything racist….I’m not going to say anything racist….yeah, they don’t like water”

  20. marcus epstein says:

    This is funny jimmy can’t keep up Trevor is so much smarter and funnier. Also he does not know where he can fake Laugh at black jokes.

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