Trevor Noah: The 60 Minutes Interview

Trevor Noah: The 60 Minutes Interview

Lesley Stahl speaks with “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah about growing up in apartheid-era South Africa and his career as a standup comedian.

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37 Responses

  1. Drew G. says:

    Love Trevor. Classy guy. Had my doubts when he replaced John Stewart but he killed it. Well done Mr. Noah. You are an inspiration.

  2. Lori Allenbaugh says:

    I’m only halfway through the interview, but Trevor, you just made me cry. You described what one of the people closest to me can never seem to understand. I need to be able to maintain parts of my life in a certain way in order to stay stable (sane). As opposed to being controlled by drugs or by other people’s definition of how I should be. Thank you

    • Michael Lochlann says:

      @MikeSuperJohnson exercise has been proven to be as helpful for depression as medication in some instances. It literally releases chemicals that makes you feel good, and for me personally since depression is in the mind, it puts you in your body and out of your mind for a bit.

    • Michael Romero says:

      He made me cry too through this, the adhd topic, the children topic is perfect, god this man has seriously built everything we should strive for and never give up

    • Gary Burgin Jr says:

      @MikeSuperJohnson great idea for sure. That helps me a ton. Makes you feel great afterwards, too.

    • MikeSuperJohnson says:

      @Gary Burgin Jr I’m trying the gym more

  3. Nhlalonhle Maps says:

    Trevor Noah’s response to whether Dave Chappelle crossed a line, is masterclass and out of this world. Much love from South Africa 🇿🇦

    • Vogel Vogeltje says:

      @Moscow Prettiest you love postmodern president trump 🤣

    • Moscow Prettiest says:

      Donald J Trump: Lesley they spied on my campaign.

      Lesley: sir can I say something, please?

      Donald trump: Lesley they spied on my campaign.

      Lesley: there’s no evidence

      Donald J Trump: It’s everywhere

      Lesley: Sir, this is 60minute we can’t put out what we can’t verify..

      Donald J trump: You can’t put it up because it’s bad for BIDEN 😂

      I’m a beautiful skin color Nigeria lady; The only true meaning of BLM to me and millions of people all over the world is BIDEN’S LAPTOP MATTERS 💻 PERIOD

    • Truth Hurts says:

      Agreed! Well done Trevor!

  4. Yeltsin says:

    My 87 year old white mother who grew up in the 40’s/50’s racist, segretationist South (Dothan, Alabama in Houston County the poorest county in Alabama) read his book and she said she cried all the way through and that it affected her views on race deeply. This is his superpower to speak to people outside his wheelhouse and change hearts.

    • Maria Rib says:

      I’m a liberal progressive ultra blue. I cried often, learned a lot. I’m so grateful she read it and even more that she found the same things there that I did. Humanity.

    • Dee OcRahur says:

      That’s amazing!!!!

    • Ty Ty says:

      I’ve read his book twice….it’s that good

    • Karen Ritchey Damon says:

      hope Trevor gets a to see these messages. totally agree that IS his superpower… hope everyone reads his book. ❤ Trevor, ❤ The Daily Show 😊

  5. Savannah P says:

    seeing ADHD representation in mainstream media, and not as the tired, shallow “i’m so ditzy i can’t keep anything straight haha! always late i’m so quirky! squirrel!” trope, means everything to me (and so many other adult ADHD-ers, i’m sure). and even beyond that, trevor’s willingness to speak candidly about his depression & how the two uniquely correlate, as they do for so many of us, really tugs at my heartstrings. it’s so easy to feel utterly alone in this experience, and to feel like there are so many hurdles to being successful – but we never truly are alone, and we are just as capable of thriving as anyone else. loved this ep 🤍

  6. matatag says:

    his mom would have been sooo proud of him. we need more of trevor.

  7. Rachel Gallagher says:

    We have been blessed with Trevor much respect fantastic human being can’t wait for what he comes up with next best wishes for the future and I’d definitely never turn him away from my door ✌💙 from Montana

    • Lost Key says:

      It’s funny he has nothing but animosity for his country that made him a lovely Rich talks bad about everything here but when he was living in UK or born and raised in South Africa he kept his mouth shut ask kissed everybody there but he talks so ill of this country that him an elite rich

  8. Sophien Ben-Achour says:

    Smart move by John Stewart to bring him on as his successor. He’s smart and funny, and more eloquent than any other late night host.. People can hate all they want, but it’s true. He and Jon Oliver are my favs. 👍🏽✌🏽

  9. Colleen says:

    Excellent interview. Bravo, Leslie and Trevor! Trevor has experienced a lot of trauma in his life, i.e., his mother being shot, beaten by her second husband, and Trevor being abused. Of course, he has depression. When he talks about needing a schedule to manage his life, he is talking about the neurological trauma that he experienced and his need to manage it. I’m glad he has received therapy!

  10. Daisy Avenger says:

    He’s right everyone has their own line.

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