Trevor Reacts to the El Paso & Dayton Shootings | The Daily Show

Trevor Reacts to the El Paso & Dayton Shootings | The Daily Show

Trevor reacts to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s tweet on the El Paso & Dayton tragedies, and wonders why America won’t even try to tackle gun control in any meaningful way.

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76 Responses

  1. Adam Thomas says:

    What a brilliant piece!!! This compassion and sensitivity (and insight) is as much of a gift as his usual comedy. Trevor is one of the best commentators in these tragic situations…

  2. the way I see it says:

    I am a gun owner and I support all sensible majors of gun control and I don’t support NRA.

  3. Char Aza says:

    Fleeing active shooters now account for 60% of exercise in the US.

  4. Scott Coleman says:


  5. kaiwalya /3 says:

    Goosebumps!!!!! When he said….
    We cannot be perfect..but we can TRY.

  6. LordKhabal says:

    And now Republicans in Congress are trying to blame shootings on video games. Again. They want to try and enact legislation controlling what can and can’t be in video games, which are a form of art, a form of expression, dare I say a form of free speech.

    To lift from Penny Arcade, it’s a strange kind of patriot who would destroy the First Amendment in order to protect the Second.

    • Lord Nanfoodle says:

      @Taricus A perfect example is Japan. They’re a major video game culture, plus they have their anime influence as well, and overall rates for assault and murder are far lower than here in the States. Yes, they have issues with higher rates of suicide, but that appears to be more attributed to overworking _(there’s actually a Japanese word for it; karoshi – death by overworking),_ and the generally more conservative culture of Japan compared to the US.

    • Michaelshere says:

      Ali Muslim how is he lying

    • Taricus says:

      @Ali Muslim Allah*, not ALLA

  7. Amy Brown says:

    Your absolutely correct Trevor, maybe you should become a politician!! You have real solid opinions about policies

  8. khuang96 says:

    How can he be making such good points and be hilarious at the same time?! ?
    and this feels like an unscripted, between the scenes moment too

    • Aliciathedon says:

      None of the between the scenes are scripted.

    • Ghost De Razgriz says:

      I know right, it’s almost as if they filmed this unscripted moment between scenes of the daily show. Hey you should petition for a new segment that does exactly that! Now to only think of a name.

    • Bicc OG says:

      khuang96 that’s how they want you to think ur weak minded

    • Alex S says:

      There’s a reason George Carlin was a legendary person, he spoke truth while also being funny. Comedians occupy this weird space in America where they see the weirdness in our society and poke fun at it.

    • Alex S says:

      Ever wonder why there aren’t many rights leaning comedians? Cause you have to be pretty disconnected from reality to be a right winger. A mass shooting happens and no, it’s not a gun issue…. it’s a… video game issue! Internet issue! If only other countries had those things they’d have mass shootings too!

  9. nick leback says:

    I’m so sick and tired of the ar-15. Bolt action rifles using common hunting cartridges are better for big game hunting, and shotguns are better for bird+small game hunting and for for 95% of home defense scenarios (which are very rare in the first place). The ar-15 is better for…wait for it…killing large groups of people in a short amount of time.

    • Daniel Kraus says:

      @Maurice Carlos Why should noone outside od army have AR-15, its their right

    • Daniel Kraus says:

      @Elijah Harris and knife is easier than rifle, and chemical attacks are also possible, if you ban guns only worse attacks will happen, also by banning guns normal citizens wouls not have them to protect but criminals would still have them

    • Elijah Harris says:

      @Daniel Kraus But knives and chemical attacks (assuming you’re talking about pepper spray and related substances) are easier to stop. A gun, not so much. Also, no one wants to “ban guns,” at least not how I’m reading it. I’m for keeping guns out the hands who are unfit to own a gun (i.e. mentally ill or felons) by securing background check loopholes and stopping the sale of military grade weapons.

    • Thduanuc Hdujebfj says:

      Tim Hamilton year the M16 and Ar-15 are modeled modeled after each other with the AR-15 being the civilian model. However they aren’t very similar with the difference being ONES AUTOMATIC THE OTHER ISNT

    • Daniel Kraus says:

      @Elijah Harris i okay with background checks, i would be happier if it was done by shops than by goverment but okay, also what do you mean by military grade? automatic rifles?

  10. SWolfmoon says:

    Exactly what I have been saying, especially about the 2nd amendment! Trevor gets it, and it’s so simple of a concept. Mandatory mental health checks should be the first thing that you should have to do to try and purchase a firearm. The check should be paid for by the person and not insurance companies, (like drug testing for jobs), a full and through background check with the FBI and national law enforcement, which should also be paid for by the individual. Not huge fees, but due diligence is required and for the safety of our citizens, this is the least we should do to protect our people from those who would do us harm.

  11. MrMoustacheNinja says:

    “What is the point to protecting a gun when the law was written to protect human being” ????????

    • Lostbymydreams says:

      @Boi That was in response to this statement from you. Bro no one protects an inadiment object. What that little “inspiring speech” was kind of dumb.

      I was pointing out an example where people protect an inanimate object. It was also related to the ‘inspiring speech’ you thought was kind of dumb. Because when trevor notes that 2nd amendment was meant to protect people but has started to be portrayed as a law that protects the gun, than what’s the point? The standard line is that we need guns to fight against the government if need be. But what do we do to fight against civilians who want to use their guns to kill people? Because guns are at the point where it only takes a minute to kill 9 people and injure 20ish others which means we need more than just a ‘good guy with a gun.’

    • H. A. L. says:

      @Lostbymydreams Gun safety courses do nothing to deter the 1-5% of the population that is crazy/sadistic anyways.

    • Ben G says:

      @Wermagst the media never covers cases where the shooter gets stopped by another civilian, because it doesn’t push there liberal agenda of gun control. Obviously you wouldn’t hear about it. But they exist.

    • Adam Barnett says:

      @munyumba mutwale Thank you. That is the point that people are missing.

    • H. A. L. says:

      @Adam Barnett That is insane. I was in the Army for five years. If you think you could fight back against a “tyrannical” American government you are mentally retarded. Your 10 gauge ain’t going to do shit to a tank buddy.

  12. Venatix_ 92 says:

    The second amendment was written at a time when guns had to be loaded with gunpowder, then had to be lit with fire. They were slow to prepare for assault. There weren’t semi automatic or automatic assault rifles then that could kill dozens in seconds. Times have changed, and amendments should too.

    • Jason Ginsburg says:

      @thepantscommandme your a idiot

    • Simz 117 says:

      Hmmmm I see what you are saying but in all honesty there is no point in banning guns all together because there will always be guns hell there is youtube vids on how to make a shotgun out of a pipe smuggled weapons would be pretty easy to get and then because guns are banned no one be safe break ins everywhere and you would just be back to what you started….. I may just be rambling maybe im wrong I dont really know but if you think police are gonna be there too save the day everytime well your definitely wrong but its whatever

    • djevangelene says:

      thepantscommandme You might be right, but I’m sure they weren’t readily accessible to the public.

    • BoogerLeader says:

      @thepantscommandme The only weapons available at that time were weapons that required a crew to carry and load, shot a minuscule amount of rounds per minute, and jammed so frequently that they had to have someone on stand-by helping to clear the jams.


    • Leon King says:

      thepantscommandme the repeating rifle was invented in 1860
      The second amendment was written in 1791

  13. MAWA says:

    He did talk about this gun control controversy quite cleverly. Good job Trevor and the whole Daily show team. Well done

  14. Tito B says:

    I would be happy if we just actually followed the words of the 2nd Amendment “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” “Well-regulated” is not a description I would use for gun laws in the U.S.

  15. A S says:

    Noah, Myers, Colbert, more honest than world leaders and more informative than the news?❤️

  16. Franga# says:

    I wonder why America finds it soo hard to limit who owns a gun yet most developing countries have managed and you can’t hear about mass saddens me there is nothing more scary than knowing when you are happily shopping your lofe could end in a few minutes

    • 50jakecs says:

      It’s the Second Amendment and how it’s been interpreted by Justice Scalia that interferes with reasonable gun restrictions, and the gun manufacturer lobbyists that spend millions every year to spread misinformation.

  17. Kiwionwing morton says:

    America doesn’t care about massive shootings

    I agree what Neil says

  18. David Daudu says:

    “What is the use of writing a law that protects the gun instead of human beings” This statement was deep

    • Derek Lowe says:

      Murder is against the law….
      But libtards are far too stupid to realize that criminals dont follow laws

    • Broly says:

      @Derek Lowe your on to something Derek…..Maybe criminals dont follow the law

    • Cube_25 says:

      @Derek Lowe yes but gun Control isnt about banning guns, its about making laws keeping them away from criminals. Stuff Like fahr You have to Lock them Up at Home, and proper Backround checks

  19. Team Sincerity says:

    Trump blamed mentaly ill people
    He signed a bill allowing mentally Ill people to buy guns…..

  20. John 117 says:

    *sigh* It’s a dark day when a speech with no partisanship but just plain common sense and rationality must be found on late night tv shows because they seem to have become so rare. At times it feels like it’s people like Trevor Noah who are the last repository of sanity in the United States. Keep up the good fight Trevor.

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