Trevor’s Night at the Oscars – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Trevor’s Night at the Oscars – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

What do you do when you see Beyoncé walking toward you at an Oscars party? Not this.

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58 Responses

  1. King Washington says:

    Why did Trevor Noah didn’t get a Oscar!?!?

    For his role in Black panther

  2. Eben Bosman says:

    Awe Trevor. Greetings from your homeland.

  3. Star Cherry says:

    No matter what, Trevor will always be an A list celebrity to me!

  4. Gwagon millernaire says:

    The white people dont know that I’m lying?????

    • Philips Rhoguns says:

      Nunook 55 don’t bother with idiots like the Piotr guy he’s just a hateful fucker.

    • Commissar Kitty says:

      +Piotr Swat dude your grasping at straws, trevor is the opposite of racist and Just because he talks about racisim ( mind you he was literally born during aprtide a time where being black and white excluded you from both communities as an outcast) – he has expericned literral strife revolving the poison that is racisim and can talk about it objectively from the perspective of both sides. (Most of which he has experienced from white south Africans since they were in power at the time and esentially looked at him like trash for being born and literally tried to separate their families actively)

      Also the problem with you and people with your mindset is that you think a person talking about racist white people is an attack on you personally, which is not the case unless you are a racist yourself.

      I dont belive in reverce racism there is no such thing as reverse racisim but I do belive you can be racist towards white people as you can be racist towards any group of people.

    • Ntombikayise Ncube says:

      +Carolyn Young mmm as an African. I find that when we move countries we go there motivated to acquire lots of money because we will be working until we drop. Limited time to build a house and acquire property etc and make oneself finacially elevated. Black Americans wil be collecting “things” and shoes and no passion at school sometimes and etc. So we separate from them because they will drag us down and we forget. We come of as superior. That is not the reason we are there for. I get i also like you grouped them all togeter.

    • Bre Funchess says:

      varana312 This black girl did lol ??? and it was hilarious

  5. AJ Welsh says:

    I don’t ever watch the Oscars but if I had know Trevor was going to be on I definitely would have caught his part.

  6. Patty and Buster Show says:

    I remember Jennifer Lopez In Living Color

  7. The Big Bear says:

    You should host the Oscars next year. Also, that inside joke was awesome!

    • guiwhiz says:

      +Scrantonman95 Ummm… what?

    • da96103 says:

      Trevor reads your comments and starts deleting old tweets before anyone finds them.

    • Tai Picard says:

      +mkleejr34 I subscribe to your Channel. I hope you’re ready to truly know the truth for free or if you truly even care. Suunel University Channel on YouTube. He’s giving out Truth for free on many of the subjects we need to know about and how to navigate this system

    • Tai Picard says:

      +Nomsa Khumalo you got one subscriber with your no content. hope you’re really black hope that your real name that’s why you should and make a video. Suunel University Channel on YouTube. If you’re an American you might want to know this information it’s free and it’s real. We need to claim our nationality as Moorish American the true indigenous owners of this land. Much love go make a real video and show your real self tired of all this fake.

  8. Lilian Opara says:

    Travor Noah should get an Oscar for the best Donald trump act,lol

  9. nii_amart says:

    I love that he had the experience. Better things to come for this man ??

  10. nii_amart says:

    “Screw your family Trevor. Take pictures of J. Lo” ??????

  11. unathi Sigenu says:

    I thought you were going to mention that #southafrican thang u said at the Oscar’s

  12. Nayissa G says:

    Was waiting for this ? Loved it but wished he commented on this xhosa prank ..

  13. Linda Mitchell says:

    Thanks for sharing Oscar experience and Beyoncé story. Also, I liked your Oscar speech. ?

  14. Brains Applied - The Psychology Channel says:

    I genuinely do love how Trevor is talking about this… He’s famous himself but he’s still so surprised and innocent :p

  15. Kristin Brey says:

    You were great Trevor! I highly respect the work ethic you have. I hope I get the opportunity to work with you soon!

    • DJ D!TCH says:

      Not going to happen… Watched 2 vids and have rarely been cringed out so much.

    • Wolfram Stahl says:

      +Kristin Brey Well, what did I find?
      Celebrity? Nah, I don’t think there’s too much of a bubble to burst here 😉
      But you have some great messages and an entertaining style in presenting them!

      Kindness is everything. Let’s see where it takes you.

    • Wolfram Stahl says:

      +Kristin Brey Ok, I just saw you give references and sources to the claims in your videos, and by reflex I had already subscribed before I could do anything about it.

    • Ke li says:

      Kristin Brey Amen!

  16. Adrian Toko says:

    My iPhone started deleting pictures of myself… ????????????

  17. Anders Hansen says:

    Can you please go to more events and give us reports?! This was great!

  18. duchesswannabe says:

    He’s such a good storyteller 😀 made me all giddy

  19. MusicBankTv says:

    A success story for African kids to keep on dreaming. Thank you Trevor

  20. Jade Rodriguez says:

    I’ve never been crazy about the idea of people treating celebrities like gods. They’re just people. Nothing more.

    • darknightoftroy says:

      I mean, I agree, but sometimes role playing is entertaining. The way Trevor played these jokes was brilliant though.

    • Rap Legende says:

      Jade Rodriguez nobody was talking like they were gods… Jennifer Lopez has made a big name for herself that she got some privelege. People that arent celeberties do that too, sometimes even worse… there is a difference in having mutual respect and having an ego, this video sounded more like a mutual respect thing.

    • Margaret Acco says:

      Yes, just people with a different type of job. They eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, cheat, lie, do good, do bad, are cool, annoying , get sick, bleed and Die! No, they are not gods! They are entertainers. And because people are unhappy with their lives, they created actors to worship and make rich while they stay poor.

    • Margaret Acco says:

      Beyoncé is an ok singer. She can perform, but she is NOT a great singer. She is attractive and has a nice body and can dance a bit. She is not super fit. Just good PR.

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