Trevor’s Unexpected Ride to Work – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Trevor’s Unexpected Ride to Work – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Next time you see Trevor hop out of a sanitation truck… it’s really him.

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60 Responses

  1. Emm Bee Sea says:

    Trevor always needs proper sanitation to bring us the latest comedy talk.

    This is a fact.

  2. Jodie Gertze says:

    Making South Africa proud?????? I’m from SA

  3. Erica Street says:

    He’s so cute ? I l

  4. Red Diva says:

    Thanks for being my inspiration Trevor Noah

  5. Independence In Mind says:

    Hey at least he still knows how to have fun and let loose.

    • John Catty says:

      +Independence In Mind
      Give it another year and you’ll see how good the POTUS is on economy. My bet: you’ll see it even well before xmas 2019. DJT always pointed out that the stock market is an indicator for the health of an economy. The Dow Jones currently only knows the way downhill. In around eight weeks it has lost 3,000 points which equals to roughly 10%. Another bet of mine: it won’t stop dropping soon (unfortunately).
      Or have a look at the S&P 500. Despite the efforts put in to buy back shares which should have actually increased the value of available shares the index has dropped as well.
      Enjoy xmas this year! Many US citizens won’t have a nice one next year. I hope that you won’t be among those.

    • Independence In Mind says:

      John Catty we are better than we’ve ever been have more jobs for our own people than ever before so I say we will see. we will see it go up.
      We will see illegal immigration go down and crimes like busses plowing into people and rapes go down significantly as well.

    • John Catty says:

      +Independence In Mind
      I don’t want to ruin your sweet dream. But reality is far from what you believe. True, the amount of employed citizens is larger than ever. And I am happy for those which finally found a job this year. The average income of the workers was raised by around 3%. However, this was bought at a price we all will have to pay next year. I’d be happy being proven wrong on Dec 21st 2019.
      On a side note: during his campaign DJT promised that he could get rid of the federal debt within eight years. So far he has added a lot on top of it. May I add: without any need. Obama (he was not perfect) was in the bad situation taking over the country during one of the worst economic crisis. The only option he had was to inject money into the market. DJT has profited from a robust and growing economy when he took office. The job market required more people every month. Immediately he claimed that it was his own success which is not true at all (considering 2017). His actions boosted economy in the first half of 2018. But looking at the current numbers one can only come to the conclusion that he only delayed the inevitable: the recession. There is the phrase: the higher you climb the deeper you can fall. The fall should have happened this year already. Instead we have decided to climb higher. Keep those words for when we meet here in 12 months.

    • Carol Morris says:

      +John Catty it’s. “the higher you climb, the further you fall”. I know because our country was way up with a first world economy but political corruption over the last two decades has left us with a junk third world economic status. Peace to you and yours ??

    • John Catty says:

      +Carol Morris
      English is not my mother tongue. I translated the phrase in the softest way possible 😉
      It is frustrating that corruption still exists. My country ranked 12 in the corruption index 2017 (source: Transparency International). Honestly speaking: this might be correct on the average person’s level. But when you look into what happens at politician’s or industry head’s level you’ll get a different opinion…
      Just one example: you might have heard above the vehicle emission scandal. Since 2008 BMW cars in the USA have a system that reduces the NOx emissions. *All* model types that are sold in the USA which are sold here as well are prepared to be retrofitted with that system. When asked about a hardware solution to reduce the NOx emissions BMW replied: “It would take three years to develop a solution.” And politicians bought that despite public (!) broadcast (the ones that are usually referred as FAKE NEWS) proving them wrong…
      Greetings from the current colder hemisphere of this planet 🙂

  6. Luna says:

    I love this guy so much 😀

  7. amaka obi says:

    This is so cool. When you the boss you don’t have to worry about being late to work. Story made me smile. Love Trevor

  8. Senior Mahamed says:

    Hahahah good luck and maybe your next ride would probably be the Firetruck??!! Who knows??,

  9. Anjaly J says:

    We NEED more behind the scenes videos !!!!!

  10. Ava Hunziker says:

    He’s a good storyteller for sure

    • Jennifer Ramsaroop says:

      Yes he is and the best interviewer on television. Seriously. His interviews are always brilliant.

    • Daneelro says:

      I like his Between The Scenes bits the most, and the best of them all was when he told Laurence Fishbourne the story of how he first saw him back in South Africa. (The moment when Fishbourne realises that he remembers the hilarious incident Trevor recounts is just golden.)

  11. Otto says:

    As my wife put it. Trevor would be the best TV celebrity to have a beer with, keeps it real.

    Excited he is coming to Boise.

  12. carschmn says:

    Street sweepers are cool. I don’t blame you for taking a ride in them. Lol at @ “Trevor does not come from a sanitation truck.”

  13. i cant splel says:

    Those nope people were at the show. I would’ve liked to hear what they actually thought

    • Joshua Warnock says:

      I would have loved to have seen their faces while he was telling the story, and they started realizing that it was him that got out of the truck.

    • Bee Whistler says:

      Me, too! It reminds me of the time a guy in a small band I know of (Steam Powered Giraffe, just famous enough to have their own little set of fangirls) dressed as his own on-stage character to go to Comic Con and a few people took pictures thinking they’d found the best ever cosplayer of the character, only to find out on the internet they’d been in the presence of the actual band member instead. I believe there was some rage and tears…

  14. Sheila Benjamin says:

    I guess they were ‘swept away’ by your grand entrance Trevor.?

  15. Gabriel says:

    We’ll wait for the REAL Trevor ???

  16. Helgali says:

    And now those people are at the audience replaying in their minds the hole scene. “Wait a minute..”

  17. Social Experiment says:

    LOL You can’t get anymore down-to-earth with this guy.

  18. WeedyistFlame420 says:

    Did Trevor just admit all you need to kidnap him is a unique vehicle he’s never been in before? Raise your standards, good sir, and I’m kinda jealous of that street cleaner?

  19. Brisn Doty says:

    when the sanitation truck drivers are offering you a ride to work..congrats Trevor..your a New Yorker

  20. AbdulAziz Ahmed Siyad says:

    People are like ” Did uber launched satination trucks also”..

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