Trey Louis Chases Positivity With His Music And Sings “Stone” by Whiskey Myers – American Idol 2023

Trey Louis Chases Positivity With His Music And Sings “Stone” by Whiskey Myers – American Idol 2023

The judges get first emotional, then enraged as mattress salesman Trey explains he’s here at Idol to shed a different light on his hometown of Santa Fe, Texas. “Trey from the Fe” suffered a school shooting in May 2018, during which he lost 8 of his friends and 2 of his teachers.

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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.

American Idol 2023

Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, for the historic 21st season.

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48 Responses

  1. Rikesh Patel says:

    He brought tears to my eyes singing and then his story happened. This boy has the talent, people interactions, and everything to be the star. This kid needs to be a star for sure!!!

    • Allan Petersen says:

      @FELIPE ROUM He Lost six Friends at a school shoot out really He came to sing in honour of those who lost there lives . Katy Perry may have understood she might have experienced in school year she is only 21 why she cryed of her because of her 💖 has compassion so please have a second thought behind your negative feelings Maybe go sing to show you could Win

    • george flamehand says:

      i just stumbled on this i dont really watch american idol but that was very heart touching made me sob.

    • Studentofsweetscience says:

      @Alice Rod m

    • Alice Rod says:

      @Senior David M Anderson m

    • Yoshi Master 3,000 says:

      @Artfish Studio I doubt he’s winning. It’s probably gonna be Iam and Colin. Iam just has that nice story telling voice in him. This person I don’t really see the story telling voice in him. Sounds like he’s just screaming out of his lungs most of the song.

  2. The Jimmyfro Podcast says:

    This guy is already a star in the way that he carries himself, his confidence, his charisma, and comfort level. He has that amazing, natural quivering vibrato that just gracefully tapers off beautifully…. and just disappears at the tail end of each phrase. This kind of soulful singing and polished vocal mechanics allows for all of the runs to be so clean; bundled with a top dollar voice texture, in the way that it breaks up and has just the right amount of rasp and earthy tone. Bravo

  3. Not Informed Music says:

    This guy is somethin else. Imagine being too close to a massacre as a kid, losing friends, surviving, and carries the trauma for the rest of his life. And then goes to American Idol, gets a ticket, and voices out his story and cause for the whole world to hear.


  4. Paige knight says:

    GOD BLESS THIS BOY. You don’t see much heart in kids this young. He has a huge heart and he’s out to change the world. I pray he goes far!

    • Velma Reed says:

      If you aren’t seeing heart in kids today, you’re not looking

    • That one dude You don't know says:

      @Will James Jr. im 28 and i was about to say alll of that my faughter is 6 she is going to need to be imensily stronger than me or even my parents shes gonna need to be greatest generation strong the kind of stuff that got people through the depression and dust bowl i pray every day for her to be guided and protected in this crazy ass world

    • Will James Jr. says:

      Don’t see heart in the youth today? I’m in my 30s. I’m no longer a kid or young person but I’ll speak up for the youth…because many of them actually have MORE heart than the elders and adults do. It actually might be more difficult to be a young person today than it has been in 60 years!!

      Generations before them have left them a broken, sinister economy, unaffordable college, the impossibility of buying a home or affording rent, the most embarrassing & shameless politicians,greed, climate devastation, racism, sexism, endless war & a mental health crisis.

      The fact that we can’t even promise our children that they won’t be victims of gun violence at church, the grocery store OR AT SCHOOL is all you need to know about how difficult it is to be young today & how we have failed them. It takes immense heart, guts & unnatural optimism for young people (and even adults my age) to make it through everyday.

      Your statement, as well as the feelings others share that young people today don’t have as much heart is inaccurate.

    • Harril Mullany says:

      Kids don’t show their pain and dismay because this shit is way beyond their control. God bless this boy and the broken society he survives in every day.

    • F_9sersstuff says:

      You don’t see much heart in kids this young??? They have exactly the same heart as the rest of us humans. Maybe talk to some younger folks and find out.

  5. Yvonne Camper Rio Vista says:

    Thanks Katy for talking straight from her heart, these judges are so supportive of each other and the contestants. Here’s to a remarkable season.

  6. Eric Prentice says:

    Get this guy a record deal ASAP!

    Katy spewing facts. No kid should ever lose friends in school like that.

    • Lance Palmer says:

      @Corralyn we have spent TRILLIONS on the war against drugs. And each year, more people die from narcotics than the previous.

      But banning guns will DEFINITELY work. 😊😊

    • Corralyn says:

      @J More guns in the hands of citizens does not make a safer place. I really don’t understand what’s so hard to grasp about that. The whole “good guy with a gun” narrative has been debunked time and again. The very few times a good guy saves the day is FAR, FAR outweighed by the many, many times someone snaps and commits gun crime. More guns is NOT and will NEVER be the answer.

    • J says:

      @Corralyn You must be slow. It’s not.

      Tell me you’ve never handled a firearm without telling me you never handled a firearm.gif

    • Alexander B. says:

      ​@Corralyn what do you think they protect Presidents, first families, and the rest of the politicians with, rainbows and unicorns?

    • Eric Prentice says:

      @Studentofsweetscience you sound like you might be experiencing psychosis. Please speak with your general health practitioner as soon as possible.

  7. GI Jane says:

    Katy is right, it has to change, we all have to change, and such a beautiful voice on this young man

  8. collin Coker says:

    Went to school with this guy! Praying he makes it with all the will in his heart! 🙏🏼

  9. s t e v e n b e c k says:

    Katy is absolutely right. Our country has completely failed us. The fact that his passionate/storytelling voice comes from a traumatic school shooting where his own friends were shot dead is inexplicable. We need change. We can’t keep on going on like this. We should not be afraid to send our kids to school. As far as his voice, my favorite this season. Looking forward to hearing more from him. Bless him 🙏🏼

    • Sakura Falls says:

      @lewisbeeman Man, don’t bring religion into this. Everyone can believe whatever tf they want

    • Anthony Skallet says:

      @American Advocate (LATINO) They don’t. The concept may be the same, but they are vastly different entities.

    • Shawna B says:

      @Kim Acronym you pray for people like that… that’s how…

    • American Advocate (LATINO) says:

      @Anthony Skallet  you do know alot of them point to the same god right

    • Anthony Skallet says:

      @American Advocate (LATINO) I never said anything about the amount of people who believe. I’m saying world wide there are a ton of different gods that are worshipped, but somehow the christian one is magically the correct one?

  10. Angelica Stone says:

    The Stone family is so proud of you Trey. Brought tears to my eyes hearing your voice. Thank you for sharing your story and shedding light on this nightmare we as a community had to suffer. My brother would have been soo proud of you. 💚💛

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