Trey Songz Digs Into Nicki Minaj, Talks Relationship With Drake, New Album ‘Tremaine’ & More

Trey Songz Digs Into Nicki Minaj, Talks Relationship With Drake, New Album ‘Tremaine’ & More


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20 Responses

  1. Marrow Morrison says:

    Good Morning black brothers and sisters. Make our ancestors proud today by obeying the law, educating yourself and others, staying out of trouble, thinking couple steps ahead and loving each other, I love y’all, take care ✊?✊?✊?✊? #blackways

  2. TEELICIOUS 1.3M views says:

    This was real… What y’all think?

  3. Biggaveli __ says:

    LMAOOOOOOO Charlamagne is hilarious. “Only time you touched a trigga is when you fucked trey songz” ???

  4. Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM says:


  5. celticeagle1000 says:

    Lmao envy shut up real quick when trey said he wasn’t a pawn ?

  6. Aydan B says:

    Angela asks questions like she preparing to date the dude

  7. Renia Hunter says:

    trey songz grows his hair out again,now we about to see a bunch of homeless looking dudes/fans everywhere

  8. warrior1975ify says:

    Drake and Trey songs “sucessful” will always be a classic !!

  9. Amoizing says:

    Wtf is this Angela. This isn’t Lip Service

  10. K Smooth says:

    ” Looking like you combed your head wit a brick”- Jerome

  11. Da Thurd says:

    loool Nicki wasn’t shit before Bottoms Up? She had ‘Your Love’ ‘My Chick Bad’ ‘Bedrock’ beforehand and gave you your highest charting/ biggest selling single to date. You aint had a hit as big since and you were just opening for Nicki’s tour. How are you in the game 15 years strong and you’re still opening for other artists? Stay humble Trey you aint as hot as you think you are.

  12. phumlani sibisi says:

    Trey smashed Angie man. It’s so damn obvious man??

  13. Lara Sky says:

    That little piece of hair that’s sticking out in front is distracting.

  14. SupaSaiyanMaori says:

    Not hating but this nigga kinda arrogant

  15. B Todd says:

    Yo Trey be low key clownin the shit outta ppl ???

  16. Ivan Dunn says:

    Trey is very short-tempered, you guys will say it was Envy’s fault but this guy was already slightly annoyed/angry with the whole Nicki thing. So envy did nothing wrong

  17. NotLaw Boy says:

    Yo on the real Trey ain’t feeling Envy

  18. Brotha Uwais says:

    Drake 14:00 mark , then Nicki follows right behind. have a Great weekend

  19. _whypree says:

    came for the nicki story, stayed for his passive aggressive outbursts

  20. Nonna Yurbuzness says:

    Trey seems like one of those hot chicks that’s tired of being treated like a piece of meat. All I heard was “I’m a person dammit!!!”

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