Trey Songz Talks Keke Palmer, Tremaine The Playboy, New Music & More

Trey Songz Talks Keke Palmer, Tremaine The Playboy, New Music & More

Trey Songz Talks Keke Palmer, Tremaine The Playboy, New Music & More

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20 Responses

  1. Maria BossLady says:

    Dang Trey! He looking rough?

  2. Teflon Don says:

    I came here and heard keke palmer voice say “and the gag is”

  3. Raven B says:

    Aww, look at Charlamagne on Kodak dick ?

  4. lifestraight says:

    Peace, blessings, light and love to my melanin rich Africans descendants! Remember to question authority, stay educated, stay principled and morally driven! Have a great weekend!

  5. Jordan Caldwell says:

    Angela out here hoein professionally. Noice

  6. Marrow Morrison says:

    Good morning my black brothers and sisters, YOU know the drill YALL, be good, be great, be strong, and most of all, be yourselves, I love y’all ✊?✊?✊?✊? #blacklove

  7. Code Of Ash says:

    if Charlamagne don’t take that damn mask off…

  8. Dorian Terry says:

    13:26 This nigga Trey Songz got heated forreal when Envy was bringing up those wack rumors. Who wouldn’t though because that shit is corny for is discussing when you know it’s not true.

  9. Jay Coles says:

    But the gag is trey is knocking down Angela on the low!

  10. Damian ArGentino says:

    The video starts at 0:00, thank me later

  11. Og SLANGDIZZLE says:

    Charlamagne got his color back

  12. LM says:

    I’ve been waiting to hear Trey’s side of the Keke Palmer situation!

  13. Andrew Williams says:

    “And that’s a lie too, I ain’t talk to her.” – Savage LOL

  14. H.T JR says:

    Keke been moving extra weird lately

  15. Lyns Allure Room says:

    But the gag is.. I only came here for the Keke Palmer talk & it starts at 11:41

  16. Mike James says:

    Envy is the definition of a true light skin nigga #Moist

  17. Fred Mart says:

    How you ugly with a ski mask on?

  18. Robert Tillman says:

    I seriously think envy needs to be replaced. Don’t see any necessary/original aspects he brings to the group other than ask dumb questions

  19. Kanisha Pelt says:

    Trey looking good rocking the Natural ?

  20. SaveyourSouls says:

    Charlmage looking like ms puff when she tried to steal spongebob boatmoblie

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