Trick Shot Illusions with Dude Perfect

Trick Shot Illusions with Dude Perfect

I got to work with Dude Perfect on their latest Unexpected Trick Shots 2 video and pull off some crazy cool illusions. Watch the illusion video here –

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22 Responses

  1. Dark says:

    never ceases to impress

  2. Josh Horton says:

    Love this so much!

  3. Atharva Bhargava says:

    next mega collab: Mark Rober builds obstacle course for DP & ZK

  4. Anna Kollins says:

    Cody’s no look Guiness Book Record shot was incredible

  5. Isaac Going says:

    The timing required for all of Zach’s videos never ceases to amaze me

  6. Daniel Walker says:

    My favorite trick shot was when Cody made the worlds longest blindfolded shot on the first try!

  7. Madhavv Diwan says:

    When both of the 2 youtubers you absolutely love collaborate together: WhooHooo!!!!!!! Awesome!

  8. Memphis Area Railfan Productions says:

    My favorite trick shot is “The World’s Highest Football Pass” from “World Records Edition 2.” Also, it was awesome to see you and Dude Perfect collaborate a second time!

  9. Zachary Wolfik says:

    My fav dude perfect trickshot of all time is Garrets DVD shot that rebounded off the wall behind him, bounced on the table and into the console.

  10. Trick Shooters says:

    My favorite trick shot is the one in unpredictable trick shots when Cory throws a ping pong ball into the cup.

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