Triple H announces a WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match: SmackDown LIVE, Jan. 29, 2019

Triple H announces a WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match: SmackDown LIVE, Jan. 29, 2019

After a heated argument between AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Mustafa Ali, Randy Orton and Samoa Joe turns physical, Triple H tells WWE Champion Daniel Bryan that he will face all five men inside the career-altering Elimination Chamber.

#SDLive #EliminationChamber

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53 Responses

  1. Scumphy says:

    My Top 3 to win is
    Samoa Joe
    Mustafa Ali
    Jeff Hardy

    oh yeah yeah

  2. Tahir Quaid Joher says:

    Well everyone says that Mustafa Ali is next Seth Rollins but he is more is next Jeff Hardy imagine their match .

  3. izzy A says:

    Great smackdown. Mustafa Ali is freaking amazing! He needs the u.s title at wrestlemania!

  4. Stunna P says:

    *I keep telling people, Samoa Joe is THAT DUDE!*

  5. SpideyKnight says:

    Ohh Wendyyyy…

  6. Blasta 231 says:

    Man, I really wish Samoa Joe had won the WWE Championship at some point. He’s a savage on the mic and an animal in the ring. Whenever Daniel Bryan loses it to someone else down the line (probably Rey Mysterio or Jeff Hardy), I hope Joe is the first guy to swoop in and finally be a world champion in this company.

  7. 18Dnick says:

    Samoa Joe is a Hall of Fame Savage!

  8. PennyWise The Dancing Clown says:

    Hhh as a babyface while daniel bryan a heel? Boy have times changed.

  9. Miranda Summerset says:

    Samoa Joe is fire!!!! Amazing promo skills, good on the mic, wwe needs to push him immediately!!!

  10. SSJFutureGohan62093 says:

    Joe is nearly untouchable on the mic. He came out intense af and just destroyed every one out there. Give Joe that belt

    Also, Daniel saying he’s going to be champion forever is hilarious. Heel Bryan is always amazing

  11. Counselor Slayer says:

    Andrade was the last man from smackdown in the rumble! He earns one oportunity in the chamber!!!!!!

    • CM Ronny says:

      Él tiene que ganar el feudo contra rey Mysterio hasta WrestleMania
      Todavia no es su oportunidad
      Él debe ganarlo en un Backlash o SummerSlam

    • SRL says:

      He’s facing Mysterio though, which a) makes more sense based on recent weeks, and b) means we get another fantastic match = me happy

  12. Yamaç Vartolu says:

    Jeff Hardy one more wwe title run before he retiring

  13. Vartolu/Çökmüş Salih Koçovalı says:

    On elimination chamber samoa and Aj will go for the final and Aj gonna win the title that for number 1 contender will be Randy and on WM 35 Aj Styles vs Randy Orton in a Hell İn a Cell match

  14. Dean Ambrose says:

    Samoa Joe buried everyone in that ring on the mic and Randy’s reaction says it all lmao he better win at Elimination Chamber.

    • Ta’Ron Jordan says:

      nik maknojia Randy Is Better Than All Of Them On The Mic But Joe Is A Beast On The Mic

    • Stephanie Burke says:

      Dean Ambrose shut up because Roman beat u up

    • Jasmine Shockey says:

      +Stephanie Burke Now you dont Tell The Lunatic fringed Dean Ambrose to Shut up ok be Respectful For Dean Ambrose and plus I love Dean Ambrose he is my favorite wrestler.

    • Jasmine Shockey says:

      @Dean Ambrose yea he did cause I saw it last night and he was talking about putting Daniel Bryan to Sleep? at the Elimination chamber than he was talking to Aj Styles wife and I dont like it when Samoa said that.

  15. Raj Tamil says:

    Randy Orton is new wwe champion hit like button ??

  16. Ayat Elmorshdy says:

    Joe deserved to be the wwe champion a long time ago…
    I really want Jeff to win the wwe championship one last time but enough is enough it’s been 2years Joe should be champion right now….

  17. ManofMercy says:

    That look on Bryan’s face from the moment he heard Triple H’s voice for the first time in a real long time.

    Its like all the memories of what Hunter (and the old Authority) put him through since 2013, all just flooded back in and Bryan’s natural response to all of that, is fear.
    A fear so strong that it was enough to stop his rage-induced scolding on the others and shut down his new vegan-induced ego for the moment in the process.

    And all it took, was the voice of a ghost from his past.

  18. Andika Ajja says:

    Please Jeff hardy for WWE Champion

  19. Fergo30 says:

    i don’t blame randy, i would have broken character too ?????

  20. Rich says:

    joe looked like he was about to drop a mix tape

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