Trippie Redd – ATLANTIS Feat. Chief Keef (Official Music Video)

Trippie Redd – ATLANTIS Feat. Chief Keef (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video for “ATLANTIS Feat. Chief Keef”
Listen/Download to “Mansion Musik”:

Directed by Nolan Riddle
Produced by Grade A Productions

Official Merch:

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26 Responses

  1. vamp.7k says:

    the production of this song was very good.

  2. Rahim_Bat says:

    & Thats Why Chief Keef is The GOAT 🐐🔥🔥🔥

  3. Connor says:

    Sosa is so underrated musically he’s got so many bangers and can produce too . People want see how amazing he truly is until he die smh

  4. nofones says:

    This song is suitable for all ages; whether you’re 5 years old, or 50, you should listen to this song. It is inspiring and it showcases the spectrum of human nature and how humans communicate with each other. This song revolutionized the music industry and set the bar high for other songs. In the future historians will look back on this song and regard it as the pinnacle of human achievement. It was a roller-coaster from start to finish, the nail-biting song will leave you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Listeners will find themselves absorbed by the heartwarming tale of a relentless, determined african tribes who didn’t let societies standards shape his/her/it’s life. I was shocked by how intense and gripping this song was. The plot is rich, unpredictable and touching. This isn’t your typical african war song, this song is a war with one’s emotions. Tales of africa is a stirring masterpiece that only comes once in a millennium. This thrilling instruments makes it a jaw-dropping performance that properly utilizes the medium. I rate this song 10 african tribes/10 african tribes, and will never listen to it again as every time I get saddened by the the fact that there will never be a song to match this masterpiece.

  5. fuck_war says:

    Чиф Киф благословлен быть всегда на слуху, реально легенда!

  6. Kenna says:

    Trippie and Keef have such complimentary flows and deliveries. They are both great in their own ways too but hearing them work together is always a treat. I think the fanbases are generally really similar too which is nice to see likeminded people collide every time they collab. I hope someday I can gather even a tenth of the amount of fans with the perspectives that theses two fan bases have for my own music. Truly unmatched energy🔥

  7. VN061 says:

    Esse álbum do trippie tá tocando muito 🤯👹🔥

  8. Lil Sk1tty says:

    This album is album of the year for me bro

  9. shy says:

    Its finally dropping 🔥

  10. BossMan Frost says:

    Appreciate them making hip hop fun again while being creative , Sosa a Goat & salute Trippie paying homage while creating his own legacy !!! Heat 🔥

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