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  1. Nickolas Green Outdoors says:

    This Album is like a continuation of miss the rage, but it’s constantly different🔥

  2. Last- Dude says:

    This beat was made for XXXTENTACION, the visuals give a special touch to the song 🔥

  3. 2 PAC says:

    The fact that this song has the highest views on the album shows the impact xxxtentacion left.

  4. kris Sizemorw says:

    Litreally just hearing x voice again sent chills down my spine maybe if he was alive the world would stop beeing so shity

  5. 1xwsxn says:

    I’m honestly just happy to hear x’s voice again 🙂

  6. ACE says:

    His legacy actually being treated with respect for once very refreshing. RIP X

  7. José Augusto says:

    A música é incrível, mas…”ghostbusters” (a versão primária) era melhor. Tanto o instrumental, como a voz (que estavam incríveis). Mas enfim, música incrível! #llj

    • Miguer says:

      @Gamer Crêw nada a ver po, ele gravou junto com o trippie a beat foi colocada dps

    • Gamer Crêw says:

      @Miguer eu acho que não pq essa estética diferente de sample a gente só viu recentemente com playboy carti Lil uzi vert trippie e mais alguns rappers

    • Klaus TV777 says:

      @Gamer Crêw já existia a versão og a mt tempo,aqui o trippie mudou o beat pra deixar com a vibe do álbum

    • Luiz Felipe says:

      @Gamer Crêw não caray , ele gravou essa música com X em 2017

    • Douglas Gomes says:

      @Gamer Crêw Essa música foi lançada pouco após a morte do X, é a mesma música, mesmos versos, porém com BEAT diferente, novos gritos do “raiva” do trippie e claro, a remoção do ft do Ski e Quavo…

  8. Kuro Qc says:

    So nice just to hear X again. As usual song fire

  9. BILLY LEE says:

    Fucking love this! I don’t know which version of the song I prefer yet, because Ski’s verse was great on the original. But this is refreshing to hear, it feels like a brand new song. Just hearing X again is enough to make you smile regardless if it’s a reused verse. The animation is fire too.

    • KingLizardo says:

      Ong bro

    • David Spalla says:

      Original sounds way better to much going on in this version kinda ruined it

    • KingLizardo says:

      @David Spalla personally i like both, i think the old beat was probably better and i liked ski on it, but i also think this sounds new and refreshing and I’m happy to see X in a new mainstream album, regardless of whether the verse was reused, plus like the other guy said the animation is fire

  10. tyree mcqueen says:

    it’s really cool to see Trippie bring back Ghost Busters the way it was intended to be. Trust me, I love ski mask (one of my fav rappers), but Quavo and he really didn’t need to be on this track. It’s always good to get the Trippie and X combo here and there, their styles really go good with one another, enough to make a grown man cry lml

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