Tropical Storm Humberto expected to become a hurricane as winds strengthen

Tropical Storm Humberto expected to become a hurricane as winds strengthen

Tropical storm Humberto is expected to become a hurricane within the next 24 hours. Jeff Berardelli reports.

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68 Responses

  1. Oddly Wired says:


    • Joey Echols says:

      I don’t get it, can someone explain it please?

    • Cranjis McBasketball says:

      @Oddly Wired
      Did you know you can get a set of markers with Trump’s name in gold written on them for $15.00? That’s not a joke, BTW.?

    • Oddly Wired says:

      @Cranjis McBasketball Yeah, I heard him hawkin them, basically. Lol

    • Oddly Wired says:

      @Joey Echols trump canceled a trip to stay at home and keep track of a storm called Dorian. But instead, of course, he played golf. Then he tweeted that Alabama would be hit hard. That info was 4 day’s old and the storm had moved up the coast. Instead of just saying, sorry I made a mistake, he lied about it, forced other’s to lie also and finally resorted to changing a govt weather map with a sharpie pen, lol. Nobody thought any thing about it but he just couldn’t let it go bcz he won’t admit a mistake. You know, just another day in the world of donald trump, lol. He’s a legend in his own mind. ?

  2. Ratana Kheng says:

    Every time I hear about the Weather, somewhere a sharpie is being used and exercised precociously now in 2019

  3. Egoponte says:

    You are wrong, it’s going straight for Alabama

  4. Randall Collins says:

    Hmm, it looks like it might hit Alabama again.

    They just can’t get a break!

  5. Sam Mcvey says:

    Watch out Alabama!!!!!!

  6. J S says:

    Sweet home Alabama, Humberto’s coming home to you!

  7. thhdhn2 says:

    Is the White House staff taking the black markers? If not, the storm will hit Houston.

  8. Bryan Haynes says:

    I hope for relief for the Bahamas people after this. They’ve had enough.

    • MenWithoutTies says:

      Jehovah’s witnesses have already been sending aid for the past week. people going back and forth on boats dropping off supplies and help with the clean up.

    • First Last says:

      @Tarik Gleam Yeah but Matthew was a close call and when Maria was coming no one knew if it would keep coming. Not to mention that last second jink north Dorian took. That was just off our coast but up by Palm Beach. I evaced to Orland for Irma and it wound up gettin hit. Still had fun as the city was full of other evacuees from Miami

    • First Last says:

      @Joe Stacks Sorry we will still be here.

    • Tarik Gleam says:

      @First Last i live in orlando was extremly fun afterwards, no school for a week

  9. Darlene Carol Sima says:

    Thank you got the posting. I have family in West Palm Beach, Fla.

  10. MAX POWER says:

    Damn looks like california might get hit this time

  11. United Federation of KFC says:

    *Hurricane Exists*

    Alabama: “This isn’t looking good, chief”

    • John Peric says:

      @Clyde Barrow I literally just said I go to Alabama once in a while, that includes rural areas. The town I was in only had 700 people in it, but it was a very nice town in the middle of nowhere. Please, stop basing your beliefs on stereotypes and actually go there (I was expecting nasty trailer cites, but I was surprised to only have seen one decrepit trailer with a swimming pull in front of it).

    • Clyde Barrow says:

      @John Peric and in that one trailer that you saw, that’s where all the Alabama woods doctors lived lol…i’m not disrespecting anybody as I said some places in Florida are exactly the same they have ‘Yee yee git R done,’ people and those people do drugs. I live in PDL FL. I know a little bit of what I’m talking about. A block makes a difference.

    • John Peric says:

      @Clyde Barrow No habla ingles? I just said i expected to see a trailer city, I didn’t, I saw one trailer with an out of ground pool in front, the rest were nice family sized brick homes and wood homes.

      Also, yes you are your stereotyping millions of people and calling them incest babies and druggies. If I were to say blacks love raping women and can’t swim I’d be beaten to a pulp by someone, somewhere, somehow.

      Also, what in the heck is PDL?

    • Clyde Barrow says:

      By the way “Florida floats because Alabama sucks” is a silly Floridian inside joke..before you ask..

  12. Madmartigan 82 says:

    Damn looks like Alabama is in for it again..

  13. Brain Snott says:

    Time to upgrade houses. Shingle roofs are horrible, and what ever happened to making real working shutters, their all fake.

  14. the walkin dude says:

    It’s headed straight for Alabama!! Everyone panic!

  15. BLAH VIDEO says:

    It’s going to dissipate over Florida, only to reappear over Alabama.

  16. Lex K says:

    This weather forecast map is incomplete without the chosen one’s Sharpie.

    • Sean moynihan says:

      What IF Alabama got hit w would be an idiot

    • Traplover says:

      @Sean moynihan well, meteorologists would be wrong with their predictions. I would trust someone with the data than someone who faked it just to prove that his previous tweet was correct.

    • Sean moynihan says:

      @Traplover when i was uncle had a program from the U.S Navy to track hurricanes by coordinates. which was awesome..Im NO METEOROLOGIST..but thier is NO EXSACT SCIENCE to track one..its based on water temp and circulation..just saying.
      Even if Trump was wrong…he was right to include alabama..just as a precaution…and Ill say it agian…Dorain hit COLD WATER off of Florida. If it was warmer.. It would have gone further inland..Fact

  17. GorillaRadio88 says:

    It’s not official until senile Donnie draws on the spaghetti chart with a sharpie

  18. Rob Goulet says:

    Yikes! Bermuda might be in for a wallop next week!

  19. ooPROTOTYPE1oo says:

    Get ready with your sharpie, Trump.

  20. Lexi says:

    The Bahamas have had enough stuff happening to them i just really hope for the best for them

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