Tropical Storm Ian 11 p.m. update

Tropical Storm Ian 11 p.m. update

Tropical Storm Ian 11 p.m. update

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24 Responses

  1. KC Jones says:

    Having now watched dozen or more local news weather forecasts from different regions, I’ve noticed some interesting similarities in how local news present weather. It’s quite…interesting

  2. danny 95 says:

    Cat 1 or 2 no big deal hunker down and let the storm ride by :cat 3 or 4 might want to move to safe location or get ready for a bad storm :cat 5 👁👄👁 leave immediately :cat 6 say bye to everything around u

  3. Thornapple Jamie says:

    God save Alabama and Louisiana

    I like the European model for my State too during the winter months

  4. Space Cowboy says:


  5. Steven's Day says:

    Looking at the positions and strengths of the highs over the Atlantic and Texas, As well at the position and strength of the Low pressure frontal pushing through. I think this will be pushed/pulled through just north of the Tampa area. The Low doesn’t look that strong and the Atlantic high doesn’t either. But the high over Texas does look pretty definded. This should push it east faster than the GFS says.

  6. Florida man says:

    Who wants to bet that nothing really happens? Cat 1 maybe, so a regular day in Florida.

  7. MeanMachine says:

    hurricane ian real g for postponing my exams lets gooooo

  8. Mojito says:

    Lost count how many times “impacts” was mentioned. Type of impacts described = 0.

  9. Steven W says:

    You got it as a cat 1! Come on…your not being honest.

  10. Ratus says:

    Wait so it will arrive at land as cat 1? If that’s the case there’s no problem anymore.
    or is it AFTER it makes impact and detensifies (is that a real world lol) that it will have cat 1 winds?

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