True Confessions with Jennifer Lawrence and John Oliver

True Confessions with Jennifer Lawrence and John Oliver

Jimmy, Jennifer Lawrence and John Oliver play a game where they take turns confessing to a random fact, then interrogate each other to determine who was telling the truth.

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True Confessions with Jennifer Lawrence and John Oliver

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19 Responses

  1. Nivesh Proag says:

    John Oliver was kinda awkward but he’d be the first to admit it.

  2. Fun Fact says:

    Jennifer can feed me her boogers

  3. PW Bue says:

    If Jennifer Lawrence said that she took an Ambien before every scene she
    does, a lot of her acting choices would make more sense.

  4. majdi mangush says:

    Can I say something ? …I want to make love to her

  5. MCMXCV says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is so fake and overrated

  6. Faith Intal says:

    I want jlaw to play the catchphrase please…

  7. Jin J says:

    JL is a bundle of beautiful imperfection.

  8. LightYagami100000 says:

    Why wouldn’t the queen eat feta cheese?

  9. Kor O'Connell says:

    Love all of them *_*

  10. nybiggs says:

    How many celebrity woman can get caught with a booger in her nose on TV and
    just laugh it off? … and that’s why people love Jennifer Lawrence

  11. JonBenait06 says:

    That ‘song’ he wrote and submitted to Sir Paul needs a little work with the
    lyrics. It should be Sir Paul saying ‘what’s that you’re doing?’ and Sir
    James responding ‘am I doing it wrong?’ then they could sell it to Hilton
    to put in their new ad campaign.

  12. Tariq Emanuel says:

    who else wants to fuck Jennifer besides me?

  13. DabCrazy Grizz says:


  14. catterbitd says:

    Okay guys, what’s an Ambien

  15. karlschanz schanzen says:

    imagine you come to see jennifer at that tble and look at her and she says
    ” you have pervert eyes” then you say “i am a pervert per word, “dig” it ?”
    dig like dick.
    so funny woho.

  16. Master Gradius says:

    oliver had them up until feta cheese

  17. JedimindhaX says:

    True Erections with Jennifer Lawrence’s butthole and JedimindhaX

  18. CedXify says:

    No one gives a shit if your watching for John Oliver

  19. Mustard Scroll says:

    I always sing “Am I Doing it Wrong” by Jimmy Fallon when my wife and I are
    in bed. She doesn’t appreciate my taste in music.