True Confessions with Keegan-Michael Key and Leslie Jones

True Confessions with Keegan-Michael Key and Leslie Jones

Jimmy, Keegan-Michael Key and Leslie Jones play a game where they take turns confessing to a random fact before interrogating each other to determine who was telling the truth.

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True Confessions with Keegan-Michael Key and Leslie Jones

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20 Responses

  1. Kk222HaHa3 says:

    I’m a simple man. I see a video with Keegan Key in it and Leslie Jones = I click.

  2. New Message says:

    I can’t wait to see the flood of support, tolerance, and all around good will that will fill this comment section in a few hours time.

  3. Dabry Abby says:

    7:54 💀💀💀 dead

  4. Kk222HaHa3 says:

    “I mean she won’t even talk to half of me” 😂😂 DEAD

  5. The TT says:

    You don’t fuck Leslie..leslie fucks you

  6. gufran ahmed says:

    Why does everyone hate her?

  7. Terina Tui says:

    Key’s laugh at 7:24…What in the HELL?!?!

  8. david says:

    Leslie and Keegan should do a skit together. Would be a fucking comedy gold.

  9. Terina Tui says:

    Anyone else catch the awkward moment at 0:20??

  10. Mallory Roeder says:

    Leslie looks really good

  11. djenigma says:

    Leslie has the manliest voice among the three

  12. Co2Fizzy_36 says:

    I think Key should be on Saturday Night Live.

  13. Ryan Martin says:

    One of the best episodes of True Confessions for me.

  14. tom dagnino's evil twin says:

    Leslie is so damn obnoxious. What a waste of true confessions.

  15. Zahriyannah Karakashian-Jones says:

    I will never get over the Colin Farrel and Vince Vaugn episode of this lmao

  16. TR-8R says:

    Why tf do people care about someone’s looks? God humans are strange.

  17. Abdirisak Awes says:

    #BeKindToOneAnother #SmileMore #NeverGiveUp #StrongerTogether #OneLove ❤️

  18. Dom Oxy O_o says:

    Christ, as a dude who went to the Olympics.. I didn’t see a single horse.. Well other than the events.. Also when she said she was in Rio it’s a lie because most events are outside of Rio.. you should know that if you follow the Olympics at all. The only thing that could’ve occurred was if she was outside of Rio.. and like.. jesus christ this is so stupid X_X.

  19. D C says:

    Leslie is life

  20. Bease says:

    I just realized that Leslie Jones is my favorite person ever.

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